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Ok I guess it's time I started a thread on this build since it's gone beyond just a set of tracks. I picked this up since it looked like an interesting kit and both and the Modelkasten tracks were on sale. 



Knowing that the tracks would be the stumbling block, I decided to start with those. Modelkasten gives you a jig to help assemble them. You remove the track links from their sprue, palace them in the jig and then insert the individual pins into each one. 


To make things easier, the pins are on those long sprues and once glued in place, just trim them off.

Otherwise, here's a pin on its own. 


I spread out the track building over a couple days and did them in 20 link sections. Each side has 94 links. 



Here's the leftover sprue gates from once the tracks were done.



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At the same time, I was working on the lower hull and running gear. Modelkasten includes a spacer you add to the idler and drive sprockets to make them the correct width. 



I then cleaned up and painted the road wheels. 



The lower hull is assembled from plates so I did that next. I left the upper hull plate loose but placed it into position to make sure the bottom was square. 


The Marder I'm doing was initially painted in German grey and then over painted in Dunkelgelb. So I did the same. 


With the road wheels in place. 


I then painted the tracks and fitted them in place. Which probably wasn't the best idea. 



I ended up having them break in a couple places while adding additional parts to the hull. 


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Ive been working away on the Marder but haven't really logged my progress. It's pretty much finished at this point.

Here's the turret assembly.


And the hull


All that's left is the hull MG and the exhaust. 

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2 hours ago, [CAT]CplSlade said:

Tamiya XF-60 Dark Yellow is a good choice.

That's what I used.

The lighter shades are AK Real Color RC060 Dunkelgelb oversprayed and undersprayed and generally sprayed around. :lol:

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