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So, it seems having a large stash is not so silly after all!

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Yes my fellow modellers, hoarders, obsessive compulsives....

It has been proven that we humans who glue things to things and even some other things were not so silly after all!

Who among us with a "stash" fears boardom whilst staring down a pandemic? Not I certainly. And I venture to claim, not you!

People searching in vain for toilet paper (what on earth do these people eat????!!!!) with uncertain bowels, scurrying for crumbs! Oh the horror! 

Have you ever searched the carpet for something that will decompose?? I dare say No! You have not. Indeed your search through carpet fibers is for a thing that will not decompose. In fact, that sharp piece of plastic holds a health risk! We, we who struggle and wage war against the dreaded CARPET MONSTER, understand that trip at 4.00 am hurrying for blessed relief only to find that lost pitot sink into instep flesh.....

....That pain, a pain that we alone can know, sets us a breed apart from mere mortals. Ha!

Verily I say unto you, you of superior breeding, we will fight. Yes you on the beaches and in the hills. We shall never surrender!

Someone had to say what we all think!

What we all know. 

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