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On 11/20/2020 at 1:32 PM, krow113 said:

And to make sure that Canadians are assured of a proper response from government during this serious crisis B.C. Ferries has decried a mask at all times will be needed.

They even came up with this new sign:


Its prolly best that Canada has outlawed critique of any kind ( hey , like model forums!) as we need this sort of top level design and decision making without the hindrance of logical input.

As  40+ year veteran on the B.C. custom sign industry I can assure you this is one of the worst things I've ever seen.

He's got a penis in his ear! No wonder this is spreading, we've been doing it wrong. :lol:

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On a more serious note, Toronto will be back under a lockdown as of Monday 12:01am. No dining out in restaurants or even on a patio, no in-store shopping, no gyms, no malls. For 4 weeks starting Monday.  Schools are being left open at least. 

Here's the kicker. The neighbouring suburbs to the west and north of us are permitted to stay open. There's nothing to stop someone driving there and doing their shopping/dining/socializing/virus spreading except for maybe their sense of responsibility. They did the same thing earlier in the year and that's exactly what folks did-went where they could what they wanted. So how is it different this time except that the businesses here are basically going to get wiped out while their counterparts stay open. All because of awhere they are on a map. 

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31 minutes ago, BlrwestSiR said:

He's got a penis in his ear! No wonder this is spreading, we've been doing it wrong. :lol:

You crazy Canucks...

That's not a Penis, stop being phallacious. 

On a slightly related note though...

Canada's CMO says you can't kiss your partner during Coitus.


Apparently, Covid-19 is in saliva, but not in semen.


Just personally, I find that a bit hard to swallow...


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Phil, that's some good news. 

Not quite COVID related but my dad was in a car crash last night. They took him to the nearest hospital and he got a full look over. I took my mom there but because of COVID rules, only one of us was allowed in. So I got to sit in the car for 4 hours while they did tests and observations.

They released him and he's home resting. Lots of aches and some bruises from all the airbags and seatbelt but thankfully nothing more serious. Once he's better, I think it's time we talk seriously about him no longer driving. He'll be 80 in Feb. 



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Phil, that's so true. My mom has brought it up in the past but he's been very resistant to the idea. In Ontario when you turn 80, you have to be retested.  So the original plan was to wait until then. But it looks like that's getting moved up a bit. 

We still don't know if the other driver was hurt or not. When my mom told me about the crash and where it happened,I tried to find out what I could before picking her up. One of the local news channels had a video of the aftermath posted and from that I could see that he'd rear ended a pickup.


Here's my dad's car after we finally found it in a private  towing yard instead of at the collision reporting centre.


We're all glad he wasn't hurt worse after we saw the car.

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HOLY COW, Carl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am sure glad he is ok...... wow, I watch the rescue show on tv and they are on those highways, and the traffic is unreal !  You may have a couple things going in your favor, first off, you dad can no longer drive that car..... you could drag your heals on helping him get another one..... secondly when I wanted my dad to stop driving, I had 'the talk' with him, I kind of made it 'his' idea, by saying I'm 'not worried ' about him ( I WAS REALLY worried), but what concerned me was his slow reaction time IF a little kid or a dog ran out in front of the car OR if some yahoo did something stupid, and he couldn't react fast enough..... we would be in a real pickle then... I left that with him for a week or so, and low and behold he called me and said he would give up his license, but they would be screwed to get groceries etc, I said I would handle that, and did, and the rest is history..... might be worth a thought in you case....  I'm glad your dad is ok, but how are you? It is VERY stressful going though this stuff..... I hope you, and the rest of the fam is ok.....

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Thanks Jeff. I'm doing ok. My mom was a mix of angry, stressed and concerned last night. Called them this morning and dad is still sleeping. Probably a good thing to let him rest today. 


Yea, this is almost certainly the tipping point. He said he was trying to change lanes and obviously got so focused on that bit that he lost track of what traffic in front of him was doing. Which is not a good thing. 

As for the car, it's leased so I suggested to my mom after seeing it that maybe they should take the insurance settlement to pay out the lease and not replace the car. My sister and her husband live with them so they can do the errands. Plus we're a 10 minute walk to them. 


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