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Most recent completion is the Kinetic 1/32 F-86F-30 Sabre of John Glenn.  AMS resin seat, stick and rear deck.  Combination of kit, Warbird and Cutting Edge decals.







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21 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

Jerry, absolutely stunning, just started my first jet. Love the look of the Sabre.......so maybe a contender for 2nd jet.....congrats

Thanks Bomber.

17 hours ago, Buckeye82 said:

Nice looking build.  One of my favorite jets.


Thanks Mike..

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16 hours ago, harv said:

I love the Saber. One of my all time faves. You done good !.....harv :wub:

Thanks Harv...

4 hours ago, DocRob said:

Very nice Sabre, an icon, and you brought her to live with a beautiful clean paint- and decal job.
Some black and white magic as reward :D

Cheers Rob


Thanks Rob.

2 hours ago, npb748r said:

one of my favourite looking aircraft - you did it justice ! 


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3 hours ago, TJTX said:

Beautiful Sabre! Such an elegant aircraft.   How was the build?

Thanks TJ.  Build wasn't to bad.  Plastic is a bit thick.  I didn't like the way they did the cockpit.  Made it kind of hard to install the AMS resin cockpit which 
needed a lot of cutting as would have the corrected gun panels. I am not good at cutting up stuff to insert other stuff. LOL. I did use the AMS resin replacement
nose ring.  I was going to leave the speed brakes open but decided to close them because the way Kinetic cut the insert slots in the fuselage made the doors
stick straight out instead of angle down like Hasegawa kit (see below)  All in all it went together rather easily.

2 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

Jerry, I'd say this is easily the nicest finish I've ever seen you do.  You're definitely got the NMF nailed.  GORGEOUS, man!!

Thanks Ernie. 

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19 hours ago, harv said:

I have one also, with a butt load of AM.......harv

Harv I find as I get older 60 now that I like doing aesthetic builds we are not getting any younger.Now my HK B-25 got AM in the nose and pit. ;)

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