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Building The WnW Hannover CL. II . By Ray Rimmel - Windsock


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Building the Wingnut Wings

By Ray Rimmel
WWI Modelling Special n.º 8



Available at http://www.windsockdatafilespecials.co.uk/

And here are back with this series of building a Wingnut Wing with step by step.

The "Building the Wingnut Wings"" series by Ray Rimell, owner of Windsock, are already a mark and a must to all WnW models.

There were several titles already and all of them were and are a reference in the way you can build a WnW like a master.

This title is in the same editorial and design line as all others so you get lots of details and explicit text of how to do it all step of the build, accompanied with construction pics (which I would like that would be bigger) and some very nice detail shots of the real aircraft taken from various museum type (which in the issue is not the case).

The model in deep on the volume is the new Hannover CL.II.


The Hannover CL.II is not a really new model kit from WingNut Wings but a very very welcome reedition.


Back in the past I did the first Hannover release:




MIM Aircraft edition - Issue 67 - October 2016.jpg

That was publish in MIM.


Hannover is a quite enjoyable model, very straight forward.

And I ready to make another, so this book is really most welcome.


In fact, So let`s see what this book has to give us.


So, along 52 pages, Ray brings us fivesections:

Part I –The Hannover Unboxed;

Part II – Building the Hannover CL.II

Part III – Hawa Archiv

Part IV –After market acessories

Part V – Appendices and references

The part I is a inbox review with pictures of the model sprues and nice narrative about the kit contents and decals options;




The Part II, Ray described all the construction starting with the cockpit, some interior scratch build and HGW seatbelts, fuselage interior (with a beautiful cutway picture of an original Hannover). The enginealso have a bonus beside the beautifull done engine, a Argus/Mercedes  fuel systems.

On this chapter, I really like the intricate job that Ray have in painting all the lozenge on the fuselage and at the central wing. Some lovely and fantastic work very well explained and illustrated with several step by step pictures.








At the centre page, a lovely Ronny Bar profile of the Hannover CL.II C.9301/17, nr. 4, Schlasta 12, Obltn. Johannes Missfelder (CO), March 1918.




On part III, the archive pictures… Well, what to say?? Inspiring pictures with lots of history behind them. The quality of the pictures is phenomenal.



Ending the part III, non-less than SIX fantastic Ronny Bar profiles and side view 1:32 drawings.



Part IV have some information of available aftermarkets that are some very useful like Kellerkind crew.




The part V has book and articles references available.





Well, for me, this title is one of the most complete in this series.

Beside the modelling part that is impeccable and show us a great modeler working and teaching his own techniques, I found that the historical references with original pictures alongside the Ronny Bar profiles, alone worth to get this book.

The Hannover is a beautiful aircraft and deserve to be built with class. So treat yourself and your Hannover and get this book


Review copy compliments of Ray Rimell at Albatros Productions.


And in actual day, very sad news came from Wingnut Wings... So all I have to say to all WnW staff is THANK YOU.




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