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1/32 ZM He-219 for sale, $165 US + Postage


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*Updated 4/26. Just the Heinkel 219 remains available. Thank you to everyone who has picked up kits from me in the last few days.

Wifey got furloughed today so I'm jumping out in front of the reduced income and offering up some kits for sale.  Please message me or email me (mikeswinburne at gmail dot com) if interested in these. No trades, paypal preferred please.  Postage from 22015 not included. 

Thanks for looking,

  • Zoukei Mura Heinkel He-219: $165


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Thanks Vandy. It's a 2 week furlough but there will be three of them this year, it doesn't sound like the executives with their company cars and multi million dollar salaries are furloughing themselves (go figure...).  Sure, it's annoying for her to not have three paychecks this year, but I'm considering us still quite fortunate as it's a much less crappy situation than what a lot of people are having to deal with at the moment. 

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Guest Dekenba

Sorry to hear about the wife's job - were it not for the Atlantic Ocean being in the way, I would have taken several of those kits off you.

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