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Be still my heart!


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I see 1 very slightly visible panel line and maybe 4 rivets.  Whomever built that needs to learn to scribe and preshade properly.  ;)

Great pics!  Saving them for my build one day.  Apparently that shade of blue is straight out of a can of Krylon, and I have it on my bench to decant when time it right.  

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5 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

What happened to the canopy ?  

They just didn't paint it for some reason. It's the first draft, so to speak, of putting Blue Angels colors on a Superhornet. They won't fly them until next season.

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I know this might sound weird, but having grown up in Pensacola from 1964-1987 I actually got bored of seeing the Angels all the time when they would practice. My grandmother's house was on the opposite side of Bayou Grande from PNAS in Warrington. Ten minute ride to the front gate. 

I do miss the Lexington, though.

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16 hours ago, 1to1scale said:

There have been a couple incidents of pilotless aircraft landing themselves. No joke! :D

I do remember reading about the C-47 everyone bailed out of during WWII.  


OK, call me embarrassed.  It never dawned on me I was looking at a Super Hornet unit Smitty’s post above.  I went back and looked at the pics and was like Oh $h!t!!  :rolleyes:  Look at those square intakes.  It just didn’t register the first time I looked at them.  

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