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LS aircrafts with AM and some non LSM ships and A/C


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Hello all,

As the building of my new house progresses and the prospects of moving there get nearer (this is hopefully my -2 or -1 house move, the next ones being to the crematorium with maybe a intermediate stop to the elderly home), I have to decide whether I will move all of the stash with me.

The honest answer is no, because I will certainly not build everything I have. So I am selling some kits, 1/32 aircrafts with lots of AM for most of the list, plus various scales ship kits and some Non-LSM aircrafts. Shipping is extra, at cost, from Portugal to anywhere in the world. I will try to minimise the parcel weight without compromising the content, but you all know that postage costs can now kill a seemingly good deal. Payment is via Paypal, or, for European buyers, alternatively via SEPA banks transfer if you prefer.

I will check the content before sending the kit and asking for final payment. If the content is not complete, I will not sell the kit. Therefore, I don't believe a return is a viable proposition.

So here is the (initial - some may be added) list. All in 1/32 except when noted different. The « packages » all include the kit box as well, of course, but for 3), wich is just a bundle of AM sets ;) 

2 )Trumpeter SBD-1-2 (early variants) full package. Includes :

* Eduard Big Ed set (32584 rear cockpit, 32580 front cockpit, 32579 early seatbelts, 32163 flaps, 32160 engine details, 32154 exterior details, JX 057 masks)

 * Yellow Wings YHD32016 SBD-1 decal sheet

Asking price : € 95

3) Duplicate detail set package for SBD 1-2 Dauntless (just AM sets, without the Trumpeter kit)

* Includes Eduard 32160, 32163, 32584, 32580

Asking price : € 35

4) HK Models Mosquito B-IV package. includes :

* Eduard Brassin 632 066 resin exhaust stacks set

 * Eduard Brassin 632 065 resin wheels set

 * Eduard Brassin 632 091 right engine RR Merlin full set

 * Profimodeller 32243 cockpit upgrade set

Asking price : € 135. If interested, I can add for free - but for the extra shipping cost - the Revell 1/32 Mosquito Mk IV kit.

6) I am willing to consider an offer for a WnW's Felixstowe F2-a late.

This is a bit of a heart-breaker, as it was probably my dream-kit of all times. But reason tells me I may probably never tackle it, and it's better to let it go to a good home. I do not want to surf on the current wave of the profiteering craze you can see on eBay, but on the other hand, I will not let it go for a ridiculously low price either. FYI I paid it at the time (launch) € 279.

8) Zoukei-Mura SWS Horten Ho-229.

Again, my type of kit with the level of details, but I will probably never have the time to tackle it. I believe the kit is now OOP and sold out.

Asking price : € 140

9) Nichimo 1/20 Cessna 172 kit.

Another rare kit, which is also, If I am right, OOP. The box-top is flimsy and has taken significant flak damage. The content is OK though. I love the subject and kit, but my 1/32 focus will probably mean I will not build it

Asking price :  € 140

11) Donating to a good home (but shipping on top) :

* Revell 1/28 Spad XIII

And now some ship kits :

13) Revell 1/96 USS Kearsage.

An old, and I believe OOP kit. The box top, in typical Revell fashion has taken some beating, but co,ntent OK.

Asking price : € 60

14) Hasegawa 1/350 "Soya" Antartic Research vessel. Asking € 40

15) Eastern Express 1/350 Borodino . € 30

16) Zvesda 1/350 Cruiser Varyag. € 15

17) Otaki 1/36  "Miss Tahiti" Ketch : € 30

18) Revell 1/160 Steam paddle-steamer "Goethe" : € 25

19) ICM 1/350 "Grosser Kurfürst" WWI Battlewagon : € 20

32) Revell 1/125 "Calypso" research vessel.  € 30

I am open to (reasonable) counter-offers and grouped deals, but no trade. This is to free some space after all ;)

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and contact me.



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On 5/23/2020 at 5:54 AM, HubertB said:


1)  Trumpeter Mig-17 package. Includes :

  * Profimodeller Profiset 32206 (full set of corrections/details in resin or PE, including wheels, ejection seat, wing fences, airbrakes,canopy frames, inspection panels, brass guns, and many more ),

 * Grey Matter corrected tail assembly,

 * AMS cockpit set,
 *  G-Factor brass landing gear,

 * Squadron vac-form Mig-15 canopy,

* Eduard PE cokpit set 32051,

 * and finally Grey Matter guns correction set.

Asking price : € 45


I’m interested, can you PM me a shipping price to Murfreesboro TN, 37129, USA?

I am assuming the Trumpeter Mig 17 is not included?

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19 minutes ago, 1to1scale said:

I’m interested, can you PM me a shipping price to Murfreesboro TN, 37129, USA?

I am assuming the Trumpeter Mig 17 is not included?

Yes, it is ;) . As I said, it’s a full package, including the kit. Let me get back home to estimate the parcel weight.



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