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Need Trumpy Mig-15 Wing sprues, anyone have an abandoned build?


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Hello all, I am in need of a Trumpy Mig-15 Wing sprues, anyone have an abandoned build? Yes, I am the one crazy person building trumpy Mig-15 and 17s.  

I have already built one kit and was working on a second when I noticed something strange, as I started assembling and sanding the wings, something didn’t seem right. When I fit the wings to the fuselage, not even close to fitting? Oh crap, these are Mig-17 wings! Yes, I have a factory mis-packed kit. This was a new Mig 15 kit with sealed sprues, but they packed the Mig 17 wing sprue in the 15 box. 

If anyone has a wing sprue or abandoned build I can buy for a few buck plus shipping, it would be appreciated. I don’t feel like sending emails to trumpeter and having to pay for parts they mispacked anyway, and I’m sure the shipping will exceed the value of what I paid for the kit. So if anyone has a full wing sprue full of parts, I would very appreciative. 

thanks, Mark.

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