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9 hours ago, aderowlands said:

Decided to let go of some of my jet kits, as in the title, I'll ship anywhere at buyers cost. Payment via Paypal Friends and Family/Gift please. Thanks for looking.


Trumpeter MiG-19PM Farmer E. All bagged and complete. £35.


Trumpeter Su-27 Flanker B. Most of the sprue still bagged. All still on sprue, the kit fuselage halves have been removed from the boxes they come in so i can get the other stuff in the box. Comes with Foxbot Decals for Ukranian Digital Scheme, Modelart Profile book on the Ukranian Flankers, Quickboost fuselage pitot set, 2 Quickboost seats with moulded belts, Master Static wicks, Master pitot, Armoury resin wheels, Aires exhausts. Will also include the MRP Paints for the Ukranian scheme and Sukhoi Cockpit blue/grey (5 bottles in all). £135.


Trumpeter F-8E Crusader. All bagged. Comes with GT Resin seamless intake. Master pitot set Zotz decal sheet 32083 AMS Wheels. I will also include some Aires bits that have been removed from the casting blocks as they were going in my Cold War jets group build subject. All parts useable. These are the Aires Cockpit and Exhausts. Quickboost seat with moulded on belts. £125.


Tamiya F-15E Bunker Buster edition. All bagged. Comes with Brassin Sniper Pod, MK.1 design exhausts (stunning, and stunningly expensive) GT Resin seamless intakes (these arrived with a small chunk of one of the gear bay walls snapped off but the piece is in there and is repairable, also one of the parts has been take off the casting block) and Jake Melampy's Modern Eagle Guide 2nd Edition 1 set of Zacto AIM-120C's and one set of AIM-9X's. £150.


Academy F/A-18A+ Red Devils boxing. All bagged. Comes with Furball Aero Designs decals for Aggressors. AMS ACMI Pod, Dmold seamless intakes Fightertown placard decals x 2, Aeromasks camouflage paint masks for one of the schemes in the Furball decal set, Wolfpack AN/ALQ-167 Pod, Quickboost seat with moulded belts, Flying Leathernecks, HUD, Flying Leathernecks HUD Glass, Flying Leathernecks MFD Glass set. As you can tell from the aftermarket my intention was very much to do this as an Aggressor. £150.


Once again, Thanks for looking.

Roger in Australia (Artful) was looking for that F-18 to do an Aussie bird, I think. You may want to contact him, Ade.

I'd love the Mug-19, but shipping would clobber me I expect

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Unfortunately shipping prices pretty much kill any deal outside of Europe. The MiG-19 box is relatively light but still comes in at the same price as the kit for a Transatlantic deal. There are probably cheaper options to explore but they are often with less reliable couriers. Someone on another forum enquired about the Hornet package and they were based in the States, Oregon if I remember correctly and it came in at £50 with FedEx. I also only ship insured for the full cost of the package so that I'm covered should it go AWOL as has happened once in the past and left me significantly out of pocket, this usually bumps the cost up but only by £5 or so. And I usually eat the cost of the insurance as its my insistence it ships with that cover, not the buyers.

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On 6/23/2020 at 6:07 PM, Clunkmeister said:

We all run into the same issues. As close as we are these days. all these controls and every agency having a hand out makes a simple GB to US transaction almost undoable.

Indeed Ernest. I only purchase Stateside now when the item is available nowhere else. Usually Spruebrothers or Zactoman. 

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