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Here's some photos of my Renault ft nearing completion. I used tamiya clear flat lacquer decanted 

From the can and I had some issues with frosting. Most of the offending frost was removed by gentle

Polishing with a damp cloth. I still need to do the tracks and final details to finish the beast. This is first model I will complete in many many years. I used to use testers flat from the spray can with much better results. I'll have to find a solution to the clear flat issue. Anyway, I think it still looks ok.





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Definitely looking more than ok. Can't wait to see it finished. I use Pledge with added Tamiya flat base for flat varnish. works perfect for me and while adjusting the mix, I get all shades of flatness with this combination. More than 35-40% Flat base in the mix will lead to frosting effects though, but 35% is perfectly dull.

Cheers Rob

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Thanks, and thanks for the tip. After these photos, I thinned out my clear flat with tamiya

lacquer thinner and applied a wetter coat of clear to some of the problem areas and it worked like

a treat!  

In the future I will try less air pressure, and apply a little wetter. Also I think I'll use my Paasche H airbrush. I used my H for the clear gloss and it worked out ok. Anyway, like I said before this is a first

attempt at a model in about 20+ years and it is my re-learning modeling experience

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Thanks guys.

Here are some pics of the tank with tracks on.  I didn't quite get these right. I'll try something a

little different on my next build. Real ft pictures don't seem to be as rusty! I'll think ill try a dark iron

Paint on the surface of the tracks next time. I used tamiya hull red on the inside of the tracks and spaces between the links after which I oversprayed with Vallejo rust. I then dry brushed with tamiya metallic gray the edges of the cleats but this doesn't show well in the pics. The markings are for a Brazilian tank of the 1930s.



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