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Looking to possibly sell part of my larger kit projects


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Probing for interest to see if any of my large scale kit packages will sell...

Shipping will be additional at cost from Winnipeg, Canada. Prices in US Dollars, and packages will NOT be broken up. I am currently at work and nothing will ship until the 5th of August, I'm just seeing if there is any interest, and if there is I will appreciate some patience. I will do my best to get this out asap! Ask for info and I'll do my best, I'll get pictures etc when I get home in 3 sleeps if needed!

Package #1 A-10A Full meal deal

  • Trumpeter A-10A Kit with the following aftermarket included:
  • -Quickboost Seat
  • -Eduard Interior
  • -Eduard Exterior
  • -Master Barrels Gun muzzle
  • -Cutting Edge gun Muzzle
  • -Cutting Edge Dual Rail Adapter
  • -Cutting Edge External upgrade
  • -Cutting Edge Internal Upgrade
  • -AMS resins A-10C Panel and Stick
  • -Squadron Canopy X2
  • -GT Resin Engine fans and exhausts
  • -SpeedHunter Graphics Decals (Plus a slew of other decals)

Full package will go for $500, New price $450 but I will entertain Offers possibly pending


Package #2 CH-47D/F Package (This kit has some minor work done to cockpit parts for a side project, will include all, and can give you pictures of entire contents in 13 days

Trumpeter CH-47D kit with the following aftermarket: 

  • -Werners Wings conversion set MH-47F with Canopy, missing inflight refueling system (customized for CC-147F by me..) Long story and a sad one, but this is a very hard to find set.
  • -Werners Wings Canopy replacement windows
  • Cobra Company Aft Pylon kit
  • Cobra Company Cockpit upgrade
  • Eduard Cargo seatbelts and seats
  • Trumpeter Crew Possible Pending

Full package will go for $600, New Price $550 (Werner's Wings set was worth that... but again, I will entertain Offers


Package #3 Sea Fury Compo (Pending)

Hobbycraft Sea Fury with the following aftermarket

  • -Fisher Models Cockpit
  • -Fisher Models Propeller
  • -Fisher Models Wheel bays and undercarriage
  • -Fisher models Rockets
  • -Master Gun Barrels
  • -Fisher Decal sheet
  •  (can include cut masks for Canadian marking options if wanted)

Full Package will go for $180, will entertain offers, but not much room here


Package #4 OH-58D Combo

MRC OH-58D 2 kits in 1 box

  • -Werners Wings Doors Have been attached and removed, but clean.
  • -Werners Wings upgrade set
  • -Zacto Models MMS kit
  • -Zacto Models Exterior kit
  • -Fireball Modelworks Skulls and Spurs decals

Full Package will go for $150, but will entertain offers .possibly pending

Whiskey Cobra Package

AH-1W Cobra, 2 Kits in box

  • -Werner's vacu-formed canopy
  • -Cobra Company NTS Cockpit upgrade
  • 2Bobs Whiskeys in the mix decals

$100 but again will entertain offers possibly pending


P-51D Package

Tamiya P-51D

  • Barracudacals Cockpit stencils and placards
  • Barracudacals Seat with Dinghy
  • Barracuda instrument panel
  • HGW Seatbelts, floor and Dinghy
  • Eduard Masks

$200 and offers will be entertained withdrawn

You can email me at hsydness#@#gmail.com or pm through here (remove # before and after @.

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I'll add again the A-10 package as the interested party backed out.


Included is

Trumpeter A-10A kit, some bags open and a couple large parts off sprue (fuselage)

Eduard A-10 Exterior photo etch

Eduard masks for canopy

Squadron Canopy X2

AMS A-10C upgrade

Cutting Edge cockpit

Cutting Edge exterior parts

Cutting Edge gun

Cutting edge dual rail adapter

True details wheels

Olimp details and bombs with decals

GT Resin engine intakes, fans and exhaust.

Some of these aftermarket sets are no longer available.


For this package if like $450US shipped within North America. (US and Canada)




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