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Carl's Bithday !


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Thanks Jeff! 

19 minutes ago, Jeff said:

hope you and the Fleas have a good day at the bench !!

Change in plans. Sue has banished me to the LHS. I'm not to come back until I've spent some money. Talk about a tough situation.:D

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2 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

Carl, she’s a keeper.............so envious, looks the job is going south so I’ll virtually buy stuff with you guys.....:D:D......we need to know what you got.......

Phil, I was told by my mom (mine, not hers) at our wedding that there were no returns or exchanges. She was happy to finally be rid of me (just kidding) and gets along so well with her parents that this was a done deal. :lol:

As for what I got at the shop, nothing terribly exciting:


But things that I needed so there you go. 


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5 hours ago, BlrwestSiR said:

Looking forward to some bench time today and as for cake, it's an ice cream one so won't be able to have too much. :lol:

Well, that won't last long!

Happy birthday Carl

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