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FS Misc decals and details


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Selling off some stuff I'll never use. There is some 1/48 and 1/35 scale stuff in the mix. 

I'd like to sell it in packages as listed below. If there is no interest I may consider piecing it out.

Paypal preferred

1/72 Revell U-Boat VII C.

  • White Ensign WEM PE 7203 photo etch set 
  • CMK Command Section resin set
  • CMK Officer's ward rooms and galley resin set
  • CMK Torpedo Section resin set
  • CMK Engine Section resin set
  • CMK F72131 88mm cannon crew
  • CMK F72132 armament crew
  • CMK F72133 crew on sentry
  • CMK F72116 Guard crew
  • CMK F72127 crew at rest
  • Hecker Goros KSHG 207 Flak Crew
  • Andrea S12-S01 U-boat crew
  • Andrea S12-S02 Deck Gun Crew
  • Yankee Models Resin pressure hull set

200.00 USD plus shipping for the whole setup.

Other detail parts.

  • Combat Series CS32043 F-4C Phantom set
  • True Details 48-457 PBY-5 Cockpit set
  • True Details 32001 Diamond tread Mustang set (2)
  • Eduard 48 138 Heinkel He-111 H3 photo etch
  • Quick boost QB 32 010 109 G6 exhaust
  • Aber 35 093 famo vol1 basic photo etch
  • True Details 32002 109B-G2 main wheels
  • True Details 32008 109G6/G10 main wheels
  • Reheat Models RH139 Phantom FOD covers
  • G factor 32019 Mustang metal gear set
  • G factor GFG32004 109 main gear
  • KMC 32-3003 Phantom outer weapons pylons
  • KMC 48-5053 phantom leading edge flaps
  • KMC 48-5047 Phantom control surfaces
  • Paragon 3202 P-51D flaps
  • Verlinden 787 P-51 D cockpit set
  • Aires 2074 Phantom B,C,D and N exhaust nozzles

100.00 USD plus shipping buys the whole lot.


  • Aerodecal 26b Phantom
  • Ministry of Small Aircraft 4846 He 11-H
  • Aeromaster 48-234 Flying Cats part 1 foreign
  • Eagle Strike 32039 Augsburg's Flyers part V
  • Cutting Edge 48106 F-84 Mig Killers
  • Eagle Strike 48047 US 45 degree ID numbers and letters (white) (2)

20.00 USD for the bunch.

If you but it all, I'll go 300.00 and cover shipping within lower 48.



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