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Sale - ZM, TAM, HAS, MDC loaded. Worldwide shipping.


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Ship cost is extra from DC area 20895.  PayPal only.  Note two PayPal price options.   Strike thru in red means sale pending.  Will remove when final.



I will require an up front ship payment. Typically USD$50-USD$60.  I will get an estimate to you along with size and weight of shipment.  Any ship overage will be refunded.

 All 1:32 unless noted.  All sealed bags unless noted.  All kits complete unless noted.  All kits unstarted unless noted.

Most of these kits are loaded with aftermarket.  Some kits are OOP.  Some aftermarket is also OOP.

Sale recap: Ki84, AVIA S199 conversion, Fw190D9, Ki61, Boeing BF2C-1, Hs129B-3, A4M, Avenger FAA Mk.1 (TBM3), Spitfire Mk.VIII, F4u1A, Prop Action Ki84 & N1K1, F8F1, He219, Ho229, Do335, Fw190F8, Typhoon Mk.1b, Me262A-2a/U2 conversion, Bf110G-2, RAF Spade Grip

Will provide pictures on request.  PM or email me at rkranias@vt.edu



Ki84 “Frank” #08074

USD$110 PayPal

USD$90 PayPal Friends

RB 32030 IJA Textile Harness Set

Master Casters 32011 Ki84 Wheels/Exhaust

Master Casters 32042 Ki84 Seat/Frame

Eduard JX034 Ki84 Canopy Masks

Eduard 32141 Ki84 Flaps

Eduard 32542 Ki84 Interior

Eduard 32142 Ki84 Exterior


Ki61-I #08212 Otsu Tony “Shinten Seikutai” Special Edition (sealed)

USD$122 PayPal

USD$97 PayPal Friends

RB 32030 IJA Textile Seat Harness

Eduard 32175 Ki61-I Exterior

Eduard 32176 Ki61-I Landing Flaps

Eduard 32591 Ki61-I Interior

Eduard Jx067 Ki61-I Canopy Mask


Boeing BF2C-1 #JS064

USD$41 PayPal

USD$35 PayPal Friends

Vintage Hasegawa/Minicraft Packaging (packing in good condition)

Yellow Wings 32008 VF-5B USS Ranger decals


1:48 Hs129B-3 “SG9” #09583 “Special Version”

USD$56 PayPal

USD$49 PayPal Friends

Master 48013 German 20mm Barrels (2)

Master 48034 Bordkannone 5cm Mk214 Barrel set

Eduard EX043 Hs129 Canopy Mask

CMK 4066 Interior – Vac Canopy, Resin Fuel Cells, PE Details.  Vac canopy is yellowing at base of sheet.  Canopy looks clear.

Montex MM48003 Canopy, National Insignia and Codes


1:48 A4M Skyhawk #07233

USD$100 PayPal

USD$80 PayPal Friends

Aires 4280 A4M Cockpit Set

AeroBonus 480056 USN Triple Ejector Rack (2 racks)

Quick Boost 4822 A4 Gun Barrels

Eduard 648214 A4M Wheels

Eduard 648137 Mk.82 Bombs Airbrake/Late (6 bombs)

Eduard 648215 A4M Exhaust Nozzle

Eduard EX339 A4M Mask





1:48 Avenger FAA Mk.I (TBM-3) #80331

USD$105 PayPal

USD$84 PayPal Friends

Eduard 49457 Interior

Eduard EX264 Canopy mask

Quick Boost 48103 TBM1/3 Exhaust

UltraCast 48159 13’ 1” dia Hamilton Standard Prop and Hub





Spitfire Mk.VIII #60320 Original Release w/Mousepad

USD$199 PayPal

USD$177 PayPal Friends

Master 32016 Brass Cannon & Fairings

Barracuda 32001 Seat/Leather Back

Barracuda 32002 Door

Barracuda 32004 Rocker Covers

Barracuda 32006 4 Slot Wheels

Barracuda 32011 Cockpit Upgrade Part II

Eduard 32679 Interior

Eduard 32772 Textile Belts

Maketar C003 Mk.IX Canopy Mask (will fit the Mk.VIII)


F4U-1A Corsair #60325 USD$225 No Clear Engine Cowling

USD$225 PayPal

USD$200 PayPal Friends

Barracuda 32118 Wheels Plain Tread

Barracuda 32129 F4U-1A Cockpit Stencils & Placards

Vector 32011 Cowling Flaps Detail

Master Details 32030 US Mk.VIII Gunsight (2)

Eduard 32791 Textile Seatbelts

Eduard JX176 Canopy Mask

Yahu 3216 F4U-1A Instrument Panel


1:48 Prop Action Ki84 “Frank” #61501

USD$35 PayPal

USD$25 PayPal Friends

Motorized Sealed Box


1:48 Prop Action N1K1 “Rex/Kyofu” #61507

USD$45 PayPal

USD$30 PayPal Friends


Eduard Ex164 N1K1 Rex Mask





F8F-1 Bearcat #02247

USD$79 PayPal

USD$64 PayPal Friends

Barracuda 32244 F8F-1 Bearcat Main Wheels





He219A-0 SWS06

USD$255 PayPal

USD$235 PayPal Friends

Original release with Resin Pilot, Radar Operator with Nav and Landing lights

Metal Landing Gear position able front gear SWS06-MS01

FuG220 Brass Antenna SWS06-M05

Photo Etch Interior SWS06-M06

Photo Etch Access Panel Set SWS06-M08

HGW 132510 He219 Textile Belts

Barracuda 32062 Weighted Main Wheels with Brake Lines


* The following parts removed from sprues for test fit and comparison to after market components.  Tires and one main gear axle have been glued.  All re-bagged separately, clearly identified and returned to original sprue bag.

F38, 38, 39, 41 Ventral Cannon assembly

H10 Radar Brackets

I3, 23, 24, 26, Nose Gear

I27 Nose wheel (glued)

I12 Mk108 Cannon

J8 x3 Wing Cannon

J9, 10, 11, 12 x2 Main Wheel Hubs

J19 Main Wheels (glued)

J13, 14 Main Gear x1 (glued)

J20, 21  Main Gear Axle x1 (glued)

J30 Cannon Barrel





Do335 #01E08 w/Bonus Figure

USD$195 PayPal

USD$171 PayPal Friends

GFactor 32037 Brass Landing Gear

Yahu 3215 Instrument Panel

Maketar MM32113 Decal Replacement & Canopy Masks





Typhoon Mk.1b parts with completed cockpit tub

USD$98 PayPal

USD$75 PayPal Friends

Wing set

4 Bladed prop & hub

3 Bladed prop & hub

Landing flaps

Landing gear door/hydraulic set

Metal undercarriage set

HE Rockets x8

Cannon barrel set

Wheel set

Exhaust set

Vacu-form canopy and landing light cover.  Clear

Decal sheet with codes and s/n

Decal sheet roundels only (2 sheets)

Cockpit tub completed.  Painted, weathered, textile belts and internal plumbing ready to insert.  (see pics)







Fisher resin canopy with 2 windscreens.  From the Fisher Sea Fury, this canopy and windscreen is perfect fit.  Clear no yellowing.

Avery decals Typhoon Mk.1b stencil

MV Product Lens amber, red, green 3.2mm dia



Me262A-2a/U2 conversion #RBC32001

USD$65 PayPal

USD$50 PayPal Friends

Conversion set for Trumpeter kit 02236 Me262A-2a


Clear resin (all clear parts are clear and are not yellowed)

PE harness

Decals for 3 markings





Fw190F-8 #04869  

USD$60 PayPal

USD$40 PayPal Friends

632057 Eduard Brassin Undercarriage

JX181 Eduard Mask

*kit opened, right landing gear oleo parts 159/163 glued.  Stand parts 2&3, 4&5 glued.


Fw190F-8 #04869  

USD$100 PayPal

USD$80 PayPal Friends

632057 Eduard Brassin Undercarriage

632056 Eduard Brassin Cockpit

632055 Eduard Brassin Wheels

32065 Master A7-A9 Armament set with pitot

JX181 Eduard Mask





1:48 Bf110G-2 Profi-Pack #8205 (Discontinued)

USD$65 PayPal

USD$45 PayPal Friends

Eduard 8206L Photo Etch Interior and Exterior

Eduard 8206L Canopy and Wheel masks






RAF Spade Grip 1:1 Scale  #AH8068  (Discontinued)

USD$95 PayPal

USD$75 PayPal Friends

Cannon Armed

Printed Instructions Included

Out Of Production

*a small piece is broken off grip can be easily glued or fabricated with plastic-card.


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