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Leaving on a jet plane

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OMG!  I could not do kids that far apart.  Our oldest and youngest has a 8.5 year spread. After keeping our 2yo grand for a few hours, that’s a young mans game now! 

Travel safe and have a great time!  Our grand is only 3 miles down the road.  

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Goes to Cali to see Family...

Gets encouraged to mis-spend his Vay-cay in dingey dens full of dusty diversions...

I ask you... What kind of friends are we ;) ?


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9 hours ago, harv said:

Danny, thanks. I have been to Militart Hobbies. It see a decent shop. We are in the city of Orange, so its close......harv

All a are close    I wish we could meet up Buddy.   Hope to see you soon!

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