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Street Fight in Berlin diorama in 1/35

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This is the biggest diorama I've built. The centre piece is the older Dragon IS-2 which is a very nice model still. It has a roughed up surface texture and the track links are impressive, being able to be linked together without glue and bent/shaped around the wheels.  White aircraft ID stripes were freehand hand painted with the tank number being the kit decal. List of other items used are;

- German solders from the Dragon Desperate Defence gen 2 figure set

- Dragon Soviet Motor Rifle Troops Berlin 1945

- Verlinden Ruined house sections and sidewalk

- Firestorm Hobbies bricks (repainted)

- Unknown brand cobblestone street sections

- Tamiya barricade set along with other Tamiya accessories (ammo boxes, cans, drums)

- Eduard etched barbed wire

I made the rubble by combining the bricks with a red and grey tile grout, HO railway ballast and soil sifted from mums garden. Base isan old picture frame I found laying around the house. I also did modify some of the figures slightly by adding different weapons, especially the bloke holding the magnetic mine, he was originally holding his MP 40. A nice touch from the Dragon figure set is they give you some empty pistol holsters so I put a pistol in his hand along with the mine, his buddy there is covering him with grenades. He was originally holding a K98 but I've put a G43 in his hand along with the appropriate ammo pouches. I also plan to put a tanker in the open hatch, but haven't been to the LHS yet to get some soviet tankers. I'll get to that though. Thanks for looking in.












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