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Ton of 1/32 kits and packages F/S plus a few smaller scale planes and a ship


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I need to make some room in my basement for my new larger 3d printers, so all of these are on the chopping block.

Please email me at mikeswinburne (at) gmail (dot) com if interested,  I'm posting this to multiple groups and don't want to chance a screw up by managing messages in more than one location.

  • PayPal only, no trades at this time. 
  • Shipping costs are not included in prices below - I'll ship anywhere on the planet at cost.
  • In the Northern VA / Washington DC area? I'll be happy to meet somewhere or drop kits off.

Thank you for looking!


Everything is 1/32 scale unless noted


Anigrand (1/144 scale resin)

XF-12 Rainbow $50

  • Includes XF-11, F-15A Reporter, and Beech F-2A full kits 


Black Cat Models (1/350 scale)

Square Bridge Fletcher Destroyer 1945 detail set $70


Ki-61 (original release with metal Kobayashi figure) $40


HK Models:
B-17G Late Production $375

  • Eduard canopy mask
  • Eduard Brassin wheel set
  • Eduard Brassin superchargers
  • Yahu control panel
  • Resin2Detail pilot/copilot seats
  • Resin2Detail resin control columns
  • Master Details nose defroster assembly


Hobbycraft 1/48 scale:
CT-114 Tutor Snowbirds boxing. Sealed box. $100


RAF David Brown "Tugmaster" Tractor $40


Revell Germany:
F-4G Phantom Wild Weasel $45

  • The most recent rerelease with the Spangdahlem aircraft on the boxtop
  • Some sprues unsealed, some parts loose in box

Mirage III E/RD/O $50


Revell / Monogram:
Phantom Mustang $30

  • Monogram Classic boxing, re-release from 2000


Hawk T.1A Red Arrows $50

  • Xtradecals sheet for the 2009 Benevolent Fund scheme (#32034)



F-16CJ block 50 $145

  • Quinta Studios cockpit set



F/A-18E Super Hornet $145

  • GT Resin seamless intakes
  • Eduard canopy mask
  • Quickboost early ECS vents


F-14A Tomcat $130

  • Zacto Models resin wing bladders (for wings swept)


F6F-5N Hellcat $45


Su-30MKK Flanker G $160

  • Eduard cockpit color etch (self adhesive)
  • Eduard canopy mask
  • Master metal pitot tube
  • Wolfpack K-36DM Late ejection seats


Mig-21MF $150

  • Albatros Productions (Zotz) #3201 decal "Do You Want Weird Mig 21s? Well Now You've Got Them" part 1
  • Albatros Productions (Zotz) #3202 decal "Do You Want Weird Mig 21s? Well Now You've Got Them" part 2
  • Black Box cockpit
  • Eduard canopy mask
  • HAD Models wheel set
  • HAD Models Mig21 airfield set (FOD covers, chocks, extinguishers, and what looks like a big oil drip pan)
  • Quickboost resin Radio Altitude Sensors (late version) (#32-218)
  • Quickboost resin Remove Before Flight covers (#32-225)
  • Quickboost Mig-21 Sensing Units (#32-120)
  • Quickboost resin air scoop set (#32-123)


Wingnut Wings:

Junkers J.1 $250



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