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3rd Annual LSM Christmas Raffle


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2 hours ago, HubertB said:



Fourded !

Those of us who can give will do, but there is no obligation for any entrant to do so. This is just a way to have fun and share, even more so in dire times. And if anyone feels it is not right for someone to benefit from the draw without giving, may I suggest this someone has some introspective thinking about his values (and no, Jeff, this is not a criticism of your thinking. I understand it very well. But there is no reason to be shy about willing to participate, and refusing to do so because your current situation is less « flourishing » than one  year ago. We are all in the same boat on this one).


Hubert said it perfectly.

There are reasons why some of us put more than one gift in here. Because there are those of us who understand that there are times in all our lives where we have tough times.  2020 has been extremely hard on everyone. An example: Both Hubert and I own businesses, and both of us have been deeply hurt by the scourge that has invaded our lands. We BOTH have seen and felt that agony of seeing trusted colleagues fall to this scourge, and yet we all continue.

This is a time of Joy. It's a time of giving, and it's a time of family and friends.  Let's make this happen folks, let's have fun.  I set the rules to admit only active members in order to prevent anyone from waltzing in and helping themselves. Y'all are family, so let's all partake.   

Has the scourge taken your job away? no problem, just enter, PLEASE.  If nothing else, let's enjoy this time of year, and without getting all Christian on you, let's enjoy the great joy this season can offer.

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Well said my friend ! That was my feeling when I offered the second grand prize. Friendship trumps just being members of a club. We ARE family here and we spread hope and cheer. So please guys, even if you cant put anything in , please sighn up.....harv

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I have an alternate proposal for those that don’t need or want a kit you may win, you can donate it to a good cause. I have made a few donations this year to the VA Hospital here in Murfreesboro, they have a model building class designed to help vets with neurological conditions, physical rehabilitation, and PTSD. My friend used to run that program and can make sure that any kits donated can make it to them, unfortunately, since they are on COVID lockdown they can’t take deliveries directly. But if you send them to me or him, I will make sure they get them. 

FYI, the vets like building cars and modern American jets, but any donations are welcome.

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