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HK Lancaster Dambuster finished


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2 hours ago, Jim H said:

Absolutely outstanding!

Loving the finish on the black surfaces. How did you paint those?

Thank you, Jim :)

I didn’t use any panel-liners on the complete model.

This is how I painted the black undersides: After priming with Gunze 1200 and sanding with 8000 grid sanding-cloth I preshaded all the panel-lines with Tamiya flat black. After this, AK Real Color RAF Night was applied thinned 50:50 with Mr. Color Leveling Thinner and my Infinity Airbrush with the  0.2mm nozzle at 2 bar pressure. Then I applied a lightened RAF Night with a thinning-ratio of 30:70 (color:thinner). Finally the original RAF night was applied with a thinning-ratio of 20:80 to blend in the lightened color. 
I used the same method also for the upper-sides and preshaded twice (over the brown color before painting the green).









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Amazing details! Very nice job. Congratulations. For all those who said they don't have room for big bombers, you are mistaken. When my dad was alive, I built 3 bombers that he flew, B-25, B-36, and B-52. He was a bombardier and radar navigator. He hung them from his office ceiling. He has gone to be with the Lord, but my mom is still alive. The models are still hanging in that office after over 40 years.

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I am now trying to rejoin a hobby I had in my salad days. Haven't pulled the plug YET, but I have the following kits:

  1. 1/18 Flak 36
  2. 1/24 Ju 87D-5
  3. 1/24 FW 190D-9
  4. 1/35 BR 52 Kriegslokomotiv
  5. 1/400 Perry Class Frigate
  6. ON ORDER:
    1. 1/32 AVRO Lancaster
    2. 1/32 Nortthrop P-61


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