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  1. I've been using an ultrasonic cleaner for my air brush since the mid 70's. I use lacquer thinner for enamels in a small pyrex flask I bought at the hobby store in the chemical set selection. Just put water in the cleaner and sit the flask in the water, the cavitation transfers into the flask with no problem. 


    For aqueous based paints I just use water with a bit of dish washing soap,gets all the gunk out in a snap. For tiny parts I use a mesh screen in the shape of a bowl so I don't have to go grabbing around for them in the muck at the bottom.



  2. I used a hollow core inside door bought at Home Depot for a workbench. They are dirt cheap and will give you enough area to work if they aren't too long for your area. I bolted an L bracket to the wall at 20 inches from the floor and put 2 20 inch table legs I bought from the container stores Elfa line. Not much money invested and have lots of room to work. A coat of paint/varnish and its ready to work on. Im going to have to research this modular workshop systems,they look great!

  3. I've been reading the postings on LSM for a while and most people are looking for a wide variety of WWII aircraft. We definitely are living in the new Golden Age of modeling. Never before have we had such a wide variety of incredible kits available to us. One aircraft that I haven't seen listed in 1/32 scale is the Westland Lysander. I was at the Air Force Museum and saw the Lysander they have on display,a beautiful example. I'm hoping someone will bring one out in 1/32 scale some time soon. If HK can bring out 2 B-17s and a Lancaster how about a Lysander? Or Possibly Kitty Hawk? Just some words for thought..

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