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  1. Ok, sorry about the delay.  The instructions are very long.  I skipped the paint call outs, history, and markings sections, and its still about 16 pages long.  I did include the sprue call outs in case thats helpful.  I know the noses are different, but i didnt want to leave anything you might need out. I went black and white, the instructions arent really in color except the markings.

    if i cut anything off or you need a better scan of something, let me know.    

    Send me a pm if you also want an email of these scans.


    thats the album.  Good luck and press on!

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  2. 1 hour ago, Peterpools said:

    Anything that would be of a help, is greatly appreciated. I'm determined after my present build to clear the bench and then back to the tempest, no matter what, it has to be finished.

    Keep 'em comin


    Absolutely.  I am running some errands.  When i get home i will open her up and just scan the whole instruction set. 

    hang tough, this will work.  

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  3. On 6/4/2021 at 9:43 AM, Kaireckstadt said:


    There is a beautiful upgrade set for the Revell-kit from Alley Cat:0B0CE6FE-6925-47F7-B922-76C30C9F6927.thumb.jpeg.1660a533b39bad0a470b1dc69fab92ad.jpeg


    It contains all parts you mentioned to correct the flaws of the Revell kit.

    If you want an awesome propeller you should buy one at Henry Dähne. But I don’t know if you can still get some from him:


    Hope this helps you a little bit!



    I am pleased to report he is shipping as of about a week ago.  My parcel has shipped, although when i get the package stateside is anyones guess. 

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