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  1. I read there are some hideous errors with this kit. The wheels are horrendously inaccurate. The fenders totally wrong and even basic things like the wooden side gates are incorrect. It’s a shame because it’s a really great idea for a kit and I was ready to pull the trigger and get one. “Edited for personal attacks and insults.” Ernie
  2. Thank you Bill. I do feel rather unqualified to be here but hope to learn a great deal especially wrt scratch building.
  3. Where are the photos posted? Seems to be fine now. First post I’ve seen with quality phots - this looks like the place to be if you are an avid modeller. cheers guys
  4. Three things that every reviewer has missed - including our web expert a Dave Bryon! And this isn’t nit picking - these issues are very clear through the hatches. 1) The azimuth rod from turret ring to cupola - MISSING 2) the commanders ‘turret traverse assist rod’ from his turret gear traverse box to the gunners traverse (look at any picture of the real thing by the gunners left shoulder) 3) in almost the same place is another rod that runs from the commanders traverse to the gunners AZIMUTH- this is linked to the commanders cupola azimuth ring indicator. 4) no clarification regarding commanders BLAST shield (hangs down from turret roof on commanders right side). This was later replaced with a fire retardant curtain that hung down instead because the metal shield messed with the commanders verbal communication with the loader (not connected to intercom because it interfered with his movement when looking for shells). Some commanders dispensed with both curtain or shield.
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