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  1. Great review! Unfortunately the interior is incorrect. It can be fixed though so no great worries. IIRC all the Pz Kpw IIIs had no turret basket floor. It’s a crucial detail because you can clearly see this through the open hatches. The seats were attached to the turret ring and the gunner and TC rested their feet on connected foot plates (a bit like a bicycle seat with peddles). If the crew put their feet on the floor and the turret turned then there could be injuries! Only the loader stood up and moved around with the turret (like most of the Russian tanks) Other than that it looks a great kit - you can check out the excellent Bronco 1/35 Ausf A - this has the correct config. Feel free to read this interesting info: The 5.0cm gun was typically fired in the same way as the 3.7mm gun, electrically via a trigger on the traverse hand wheel or by a circuit breaker button on the gunner's side of the gun mount. The coaxial MG was fired mechanically by depressing a pedal at the gunner's feet that was connected by linkages to the trigger on the MG. This drawing from a German service manual shows the detail of the MG firing pedal and connecting rods; this type of firing arrangement was used on all the Pz.III tanks I have seen. There has been a considerable amount of confusion about whether a turret basket was mounted in the German Pz.III. A number of authors seem to be repeating the same tired information that a basket was added to the tank from Ausf.H on. This is not true and to the best of my knowledge there is no evidence that a full basket was ever used in the tank. Instead, there was a small foot support plate located just forward of the gunner that also supported the firing pedal for the coax, as you see here. A similar foot rest platform and MG firing pedal shows up in drawings of the turret of the Ausf.A and D tanks, so I suspect it was also found in these early models. The same firing pedal arrangement has also been reportedly seen in the 3.7cm armed vehicles by others and there was again no turret basket. You will also find a small but interesting cover support over the turret collector ring at the middle of the floor that acted as a foot rest for the gunner and commander as well as a protective shield for the electrical conduit that leads up to the turret. I suppose it is possible that the combination of the gunner's foot rest and this slip ring cover was misconstrued as part of a turret "basket" by some authors. On the other hand, I've learned to never say "never" in these pages as there always seems to be an exception to every rule. For instance, I don't know if a real turret basket was added to the Ausf.N support tank version of the Pz.III when its 5cm gun was swapped to the short 7.5cm gun. It doesn't seem likely. If you have evidence of a production Pz.III tank with a real turret basket, I certainly would like to hear from you.
  2. I have a better idea - as the kit has already been gifted for this excellent review I think that James H should build it to show his appreciation for this great kit. We don’t need to unnecessarily coerce anyone to part with their money for a kit that may be beyond the realms of most modellers skill set but with the free kit if it all goes wrong then at least no money nor time has been wasted. We can then all look forward to seeing if the kit is worth buying despite it’s shortcomings. Anyone that wants to buy the kit with their hard earned cash might want to see what happens with regards to any future releases - it maybe that they’ll put another one out there with all of the corrections. As I said they have a single truck that they themselves released to correct their errors - their words not mine! It might work out more expensive though to two kits instead of the one combo so I recommend waiting!
  3. You have more faith in my skills than I do! I’m studying full time at the mo - but weekends I have a project going part time. I would be happy to do some kind of log - it’s for the very old Tamiya Jagdpanzer IV (v) from about 1975. I’ve been out of modelling for about 2 decades and was a little apprehensive to start up again. There’s a great deal of omissions to fix and an interior to add - as well as brute force cutting and chopping to meet my requirements! I suppose I could post once a week on a new thread?
  4. No need to apologise- I guess I over did it a bit but felt a more balanced view was needed so that if anyone wanted to get the kit they would be in the know. incidentally a new kit is being released which is great but I would have preferred they fixed the issues - I mean miniart is offering to send out new bits to one of their pz kpfw III and have now correct the present kits. From reading the thread the fact that they put on some resin wheels immediately after the kit suggests a little bit of cheekiness. Not to mention the resin wheels are supposedly incorrect as well. I can’t remember what was said about the trailer that you can now get separately. I still want this kit but changing wheel hubs is not something I would look forward to fixing - the only option is too buy the trailer separately (if it’s correct ish) and then buy the updated truck with the fixed wheels and springs.
  5. Wow! How very bigoted and defensive! I have no idea what you are talking about as you definitely haven’t read the link I provided to help you out. You all seem pretty ruffled and contemptuous. I felt the points I made were and still are valid. I joined the website because I thought that someone on here would have some knowledge. I seems that everyone on here is a fanatic that can only give gushing praise for a kit they haven’t checked - part of being a good modeller. Maybe I was a little too assertive with my comments but at least I provided the link that you were all clamouring for. That also seemed to have provoked you all to a spiteful outrage. I guess that any newbies that join have to say how utterly faultless a kit is then they might be able to do a ‘review’ later for a free kit. Just wow
  6. Oh! Yes, the suspension is totally wrong. I mean really wrong like it would have to be broken.
  7. Thank you for this very thorough review. It’s a great that you also get a free kit but doesn’t it makes it a little difficult to be totally unbiased? It’s just that I think about those on here that rushed out to but this great idea of a kit. How much research did you do on this kit? You don’t mention any issues with the kit like other sites. I’ll leave a link for you so you can see just how bad these errors are but I would also recommend just a quick flick through some references materials to minimise the risk of misinformation. I hope you find the link as informative as I did! https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/das-werk-1-35-faun-l-900-and-sdah-115-video-t318059.html
  8. What do you mean by that? How else am I to be informed of the errors? Lol! Pray enlighten me! I tell you what would be good is if you only read that it is so and get back to me with any questions and praise that you will no doubt have https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/das-werk-1-35-faun-l-900-and-sdah-115-video-t318059.html
  9. Lol I know but most first timers will be posting about a kit (or rather some info on it) I just wanted to know what you thought of this kit. It seems that you all missed the errors so hopefully my link will help and I will be a highly respected guru that you will all feel happy with asking questions! I’m here to help!
  10. No need to stir. Instead you have a good read of this. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/das-werk-1-35-faun-l-900-and-sdah-115-video-t318059.html Get back to me when you have done so with any questions you may have. I will help where possible.
  11. Where is the place for personal attacks and insults then? Heres the link https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/das-werk-1-35-faun-l-900-and-sdah-115-video-t318059.html There is an exchange of money for goods. You sell a terribly inaccurate kit to the ahem more gullible less knowledgeable modellers then you don’t exactly deserve plaudits. Look, you are a research team I’m a casual modeller. I use reference materials and probably never build a kit oob - so I read, look and investigate. I put three of the kettenkratf on my get list but I will be checking up based on the faun. I still want to get it! But I’m not forking out for a kit with doughnut tyres and then have to buy inaccurate ‘corrections’. Put the replacement parts in the kit please! Then I can make a confident purchase. No doubt you will come back with a ‘all kits have errors’ reply. Not exactly. It’s mainly errors through omission. A few errors may need slight tweaks but tyres on a truck that need to be slung in a bin are a lost cause, disappointment and waste. Thank you and enjoy that link! facepalm, wink!
  12. Here’s a point for you to ponder https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/das-werk-1-35-faun-l-900-and-sdah-115-video-t318059.html make sure you read it, absorb it and internalise it. The wheels look very wrong just by looking at them. It looks like about 90% tyre and 10% hub. I would suggest you get back once you’ve read the link (this is a highly academic one that you won’t stand a single chance in dismissing nor rejecting unless you employ a massive amount of bigotry which I do hope you don’t - let’s keep it civil, ok) and apologise profusely.
  13. I read there are some hideous errors with this kit. The wheels are horrendously inaccurate. The fenders totally wrong and even basic things like the wooden side gates are incorrect. It’s a shame because it’s a really great idea for a kit and I was ready to pull the trigger and get one. “Edited for personal attacks and insults.” Ernie
  14. Thank you Bill. I do feel rather unqualified to be here but hope to learn a great deal especially wrt scratch building.
  15. Where are the photos posted? Seems to be fine now. First post I’ve seen with quality phots - this looks like the place to be if you are an avid modeller. cheers guys
  16. Three things that every reviewer has missed - including our web expert a Dave Bryon! And this isn’t nit picking - these issues are very clear through the hatches. 1) The azimuth rod from turret ring to cupola - MISSING 2) the commanders ‘turret traverse assist rod’ from his turret gear traverse box to the gunners traverse (look at any picture of the real thing by the gunners left shoulder) 3) in almost the same place is another rod that runs from the commanders traverse to the gunners AZIMUTH- this is linked to the commanders cupola azimuth ring indicator. 4) no clarification regarding commanders BLAST shield (hangs down from turret roof on commanders right side). This was later replaced with a fire retardant curtain that hung down instead because the metal shield messed with the commanders verbal communication with the loader (not connected to intercom because it interfered with his movement when looking for shells). Some commanders dispensed with both curtain or shield.
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