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  1. Thanks for the praise, try as I can. James over the model I work only when I have free time. Longer Tail unit glued together, and I cut a flaps in the wings, that the model was a little richer in detail. I now remaining holes for luting, sanding and restoration of the away the partition lines.
  2. Thank you for the welcome to the LSM. I’m still learning English so please bear with us and to correct errors. I used to paint color palette RLM02 Gunze H70. Soon I will add more pictures.
  3. Welcome! In my workshop arises model aircraft Arado Ar-234 issued by the company FLY 1:32 scale nr. kat. 32008. My choice fell on the machine Ar-234 B-2N "Nachtigall" W.Nr. 140145 / SM + FE. On my blog is a series of images to quickly submitted Arado Ar-234 B-2N, without the radar antenna. Link to blog: http://kobzamodellfabrik.blogspot.com/2014/11/arado-ar-234-132-fly-warsztat.html The construction of the model I started from the chambers of the chassis, which look so.
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