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  1. well from 1980 till 1988 I was in Sydney since then I have been in Brisbane. joined the local IPMS club about 10 years ago and from there moved on the AMMS club have made quite a number of friends in the local modeling scene of which a few I think you may be familiar with David Harmer, Ralph Riese and Dan Moore - Dan is JG26 who has also entered this them build, it was he and ralph that put me onto it
  2. thanks Dave I see you are from Wellington, small world - well sort of I am originally from Invercargill
  3. ok dan, now I see where you are going with the box you bought am looking forward to seeing the paint progression of this rh
  4. Well here is a good excuse to open up another box and hopefully contribute to this theme build All 4 marking options in the box are noted as being 1940 so am guessing that I am in the ball park. Plan will be to build "out of box" and then maybe add a little bit of stowage but plenty to be done before I get to that stage RH
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