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  1. Hello All,, Herman and I have been pulled from our bench quite a bit in the last few weeks ,, I hope things have now settled down enough to get busy again ,,, here is the office so far,,, still a lot to do but getting there,,,,,,,,, As always , Thanks for lookin!!!
  2. Thanks for the kind words everyone,, the instrument additions are from the BigEd set going into the build,, I like to cherrypick kit and pe parts along with ad-libbing for the best look of a build ,, more to come!
  3. Hello All! Here is Herman's i p so far,,,,,,,,,,,,,, More to come and Thanks for lookin !!
  4. Excellent references and awesome looking build so far!!
  5. Thanks Everyone ,,, Herman won't let you down ,, we will be doing one of the oob schemes , just not sure which one yet ,, and as pictured below,,, I keep this around as Herman and I have built a whole lotta Trumpy kits,,,,,,,, more to come ,,,,,
  6. Hello All! Herman and I survived our move, now back to the business at hand,, Not that the kit needs any help , but we are adding a BIGED set to the mix. Back to the new bench as Herman is anxious to start, More to come and it's good to be back! Thanks for lookin!!
  7. 1/32 Trumpeter ME 262 A 1a Red 4 10/JG7 1945 Franz Schall
  8. Hello Everyone,,, well boxes have infiltrated our little airplane factory ,,, so Herman and I will be out of touch for a little while,,, so until the next build Herman is proud to show our ME 262 A/ 1a crafted after Franz Schall's 1945 bird, 10/JG7 ,,, hope you all enjoy,, It was a fun build for Herman and I ,,,, till the next time,,,,, Thanks for lookin!!
  9. I second that,,,, plenty of time for another!! Great looking 109, Well done!!
  10. Sweet looking build so far,, Herman and I are planning a Dragon 110 also, so we will be watching this one come together with great interest !!
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