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  1. Simple hack for consistent control drybrushing Stay humble- build models!
  2. Mellow Magic- Model Hack (quickie) Blue natural enemy of Future
  3. Hack 002 Simple cheap Desiccation chamber I have gotten a lot of feedback on this video. I have an updated re vision in the works but this is the essence of the idea! Enjoy!
  4. VIDEO- Model hack 001 quickly open 'stuck' paint jars! Don't waste time fretting over gunked up paint jars- free up that time-Have fun!!
  5. DaneBramage's STYRENE INFECTION:Model Hacks Please feel free to subscribe- the idea behind this is providing updated solutions and short cuts to common problems. Unless I learn a new approach - I wont cover things that are well covered like "The Hairspray Technique." Please if you have a Google/youtube/gmail account Subscribe - let's network! Stay frosty stay nimble, stay humble- build models.