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  1. Thanks so much and I was able to copy and paste the three pages for the gear wells. They are almost duplicates of the SH instructions but I'll keep comparing and looking. The big issue is the instructions have you assemble the walls on the lower wing and then by magic the next step, they are on the upper wing panels. No where in the instructions does it say NOT to glue the  gear walls onto the lower wing. Plus when you do assemble them using the lower wing, there is no way to fit the detail parts - just a poorly designed kit. I have seen the kits built, so it can be done, I just have to figure out how to do it. Taking a rest from the kit and then I'll be back to it.

    Thanks again for all your help


    1. Citadelgrad


      You are very welcome, i am just sorry they arent much help.  And now im dreading my own model….


      anyway, the cockpit is gorgeous, please keep the faith and beat ot into submission after some time thinking about something else. 

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