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  1. Gaz Sure wish I was back in my 50's Peter
  2. Holy Cow - another awesome Chopper build. Terrific work and the interior is brilliantly doner Keep 'em comin Peter
  3. Harv Nice going and and some super progress. Just keep taking your time and don't rush it. Looking mighty good Keep 'em comin Peter
  4. Martin I'm just blown away - amazing work - simply amazing Keep 'em comin Peter
  5. Ernie The "extra" set of controls look mighty good. Of course, back in the day, most mechanics surely knew how to 'wing it' Keep 'em comin Peter
  6. MIke Brilliant ... looking simply stellar: NMF! Keep 'em comin Peter
  7. Geez, what memories .. I mean the movie - I'm old but NOT that old! Peter
  8. Tony Looking mighty sweet and I'm more in tune with Ernie that the judges might notice the seam on the boot and not know it really represents an actual seam. Martin's suggestion an adding a bit of stitching is a great idea. Keep 'em comin Peter
  9. Frank Awesome progress on the detailing and cammo/weathering. Looking mighty good and the weathering is spot on. Keep 'em comin Peter
  10. John Great idea and I'm strapped in for the journey. Keep 'em comin Peter
  11. Thanks Guys Wumm, just good to be back and building again. Right now, we are having some pretty powerful Thunder Boomers and I've been so busy at the bench, I just noticed. Thanks Bill; The Tiffy is making steady progress and the front office is almost to the point of the required update... News at 11! Ernie, thanks for checking in a and it's great to know we've all been in the same boat at one time or another. MY Tiffy and your Lanc, two Big Bursars for sure but it looks like they did the trick Peter
  12. Congrats Carl ..A true modeler in the works! Peter
  13. Ernie Just finished catching up and as always am thoroughly enjoying each update, all the posts and comments from the gang. Following and learning from your progress is a treat but your build threads go way beyond ‘what I’ve done’, as the work progresses it becomes an adventure we all are sharing together. Fantastic work my friend, just stellar. The discussion of traffic was kicked around and I couldn’t agree more. Afterall, I live on long Island (New York) and our traffic is world famous. Cram as many millions of people onto the island, plunked adjacent to the east side of NYC and we’re talking traffic! Oh what a joy going anywhere at the speed of a snail, which becomes going no where fast! Keep ‘em comin Peter
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