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  1. Rob Glad you're strapped in and along r the journey. I bought the Montex mask set knowing zippo about how to use them while I was ordering the HGW seatbelt set (trying to save a bit on shipping). I'm hoping they work the same as the Maketar masks as I'm sure they aren't Kabuki style. I'll do some testing when they arrive and see how it goes. Of course, my biggest concern is using the the correct paint colors. Peter
  2. Thanks Phil and great to have turned the corner and back in the saddle with all my friends on LSM. I have the Tiffy underway and even a started a build thread. My plan is to work no more then three bench sessions a week, helping to keep the fires stoked and keep the juices up and running. Peter
  3. jeff Happy Birthday to your dad and what a gift turning 97! My parents and almost all my uncles and aunts are gone as well. Way more important to be with your parents and modelling just has to wait. Peter
  4. Hav Hang in there Buddy, with all with you and here for you. Peter
  5. Gaz Will be following all the way and of course, The Blue max is also one of my favorite movies. But for me, Twelve O'clock High is number one followed by Patton and then Dive Bombers. BTW, super work on the three WNW aircraft. Keep 'em comin Peter
  6. Mike Brilliant work - I'm just blown away. Keep 'em comin Peter
  7. WOW! Awesome Tiffy! Great advice and I've been super carefully cleaning up every part and triple checking the fit as I go. Is there a link to your build as I'm sure there are gems of tips and techniques to follow and learn. Peter
  8. John Nothing like all the getting everything squared away and then digging in Keep 'em comin Peter
  9. Thanks Jeff Bookmarked and surely will be of great help. Geting ready to shoot the RAF INterior Green on first and then in a few days, I'll strat adding the flat black Peter
  10. John Pulled up my seat and buckled in. Going to be a great build for sure. Keep 'em comin Peter
  11. Thanks Jeff but not even Superman; Faster then a speeding bullet moves as fats as John Peter
  12. John Awesome P-51, just stellar work as always. Peter
  13. Tony Just catching up and what a great project for the Nats. Terrific work and enjoying following your progress. Nothing like having Martin on the case! Keep 'em comin Peter
  14. Nope, just a highly polished Alcad finish - back then, I was first learning how to use Alclad and tended to go for this type of finish. Peter.
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