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  1. Kev So glad it worked out and all is well now Keep 'em comin Peter
  2. John Kind of reminds me of the colorful schemes Army and Navy aircraft wore between the wars. Keep 'em comin Peter
  3. Sasha Perfect NMF . looking mighty good Keep 'em comin Peter
  4. Gaz My money is riding on you 👍 Keep 'em comin Peter
  5. Always liked the odd and 'street tough' looking armor. Looking forward to a build thread not to far down the road. Keep 'em comin Peter
  6. Hi John You're on a roll and I'll be along for the journey - great subject and love the color scheme. Nice work on the front office - looks mighty good. Keep 'em comin Peter
  7. Congrats on retirement - nothing better. Keep 'em comin Peter
  8. Gaz Moving along at a nice clip and the lower half's weathering looks mighty convincing. Keep 'em comin Peter
  9. Carl What a fantastic mountain of kits and it's easily going to be an epic journey following as your complete each one. Keep 'em comin Peter
  10. Carl Same here, I would be all over it. I grew up maybe 10 miles from Grumman's in Bethpage but never saw a Tiger, just before my time and by then, they might have been assembling and flying the jets out of Calverton. Keep 'em comin Peter
  11. Awesome kits and as of late, it's getting a bit harder to find them - just seems to go with the times Keep 'em comin Peter
  12. I'm just blown away - beautiful work and in 1/144th scale. I would have never know/ Keep 'em comin
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