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  1. Rob Still a skill that needs to be practiced along with a logical and workable method of application, which you have well mastered. Adjusting the whites can easily be done in a post processing program. If not, it's fine as is, as the work speaks for itself. I just have a habit of going a bit overboard when it comes to photography, which I shouldn't do.
  2. Rob Best way not to tangle with the out of stock notation when you are ready to start your Jug build.
  3. Chris From all I have read and videos I've followed, an awesome kit and I'll be following when you start your build thread. Double check, as I think the decals are Cartograf and a shame not to use them. πŸ‘
  4. Rob, same as you and have tested a number of auto modeler paints over the past few years. I found Gravity of Spain to be excellent, easy to order direct and I guess I was lucky and never a single color I wanted was out of stock. I haven't heard of Number Five and will be interested in your thoughts and comments after using them.
  5. Scott WOW ... awesome build in every respect and you nailed the weathering worn by Tomcats so very effectively. Right with both Martin and Kev, beautiful work. πŸ†
  6. Rob WOW, brilliant work and incredible progress. I'm still in awe on your rigging skills, as it's looks absolutely perfect. Are you planning on lightly toning down the white rudder as being vivid and bright colors attract the eye. πŸ†
  7. Scott, looks awesome to me and I'm right with Kev. I wouldn't change a thing. πŸ†
  8. Kev I'm out to lunch on that. After building a number of Tamiya latest kits, it's going to take a nearly perfect kit, in every aspect of the build to equal Tamiya. I have the Marauder coming from Hobbynut and I'm hoping the kit lives up to expectations. 🀞
  9. Rob Nice package of goodies and you're on a roll. For my limited car modeling, I use Gravity Paints from Spain and their products are awesome. Which brand of paints are you using?
  10. Scott Absolutely fantastic news and I'm so happy for the both of you. As a cancer survivor, I know the feeling and there is nothing like it.
  11. Thanks Fran for sharing the email. My Marauder is on the way and hoping to start it after my current build if either Quinta or Eduard has their cockpit upgrade sets out by then - if not, I just need to wait. 🀞
  12. Gus, WOW ... incredible cammo and all your hard work has paid off. I've been shooting MRP since it was first introduced and it's my paint of choice for air brushing. But when it comes to brush painting, it's not very effective. I've brush painted it a few times in very small areas and for some touch ups, but just way too many gently layers are needed, and the paint needs to dry between each layer. MRP does make a range of acrylic paints that match the lacquer brothers very well in color and I use them for brush painting and touchup work. πŸ†
  13. Thanks Mike, moving along at a nice clip and as with all my Tamiya builds, a pleasure to spend time with working on them at the bench. After reading Robs post, I am heading over to Thunder Cals and picking up a set or two of decals, as they will not be remade when sold out.
  14. John, mighty glad you decided to finish up your latest T-28. Cammo is absolutely perfect and in my book, a stellar build. πŸ†
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