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  1. Fantastic and will be following with great interest Peter
  2. Peterpools

    Paul Allen dead at 65..

    Rest in Peace and yes, way too young Peter
  3. Peterpools

    Here's one for Ernie.....

    Just a shame it always comes down to the last minute before something is done to save an aircraft or a piece of history, even it is just storage inside until money is raised for the restoration. Peter
  4. Peterpools

    Derek's Birthday

    Derek, Happy Birthday and enjoy your special day Peter
  5. Peterpools


    Happy Birthday Harv Enjoy your special day and have someone a lot younger blow out the candles on your cake At our age such strenuous activity isn’t recommended your Pal Peter
  6. Peterpools

    1/24 Airfix Scale Mosquito build

    Peter Just could be the lighter side is both closer to the source of illumination and also closer to the phone, accounting for the difference in color. A White Balance change could cause problems as well, when auto WB is being used. No matter what - looks fantastic Keep ‘em comin Peter
  7. Peterpools

    B-25J "Fatso"

    Tony Nice progress on you're off and running Keep 'em comin Peter
  8. Carl Wonderful images and truly a spectacular place Peter
  9. Peterpools

    Tamiya Spitfire IXe with ModXXX

    Carl Thanks for the info. Looking forward to your next update Keep 'em comin Peter
  10. Peterpools

    MH 60 s Knighthawk Academy 1/35

    Oliver Magnificent work; truly amazing. Your genius never fails to amaze me over the eyars Keep 'em comin Peter
  11. Peterpools

    WNW DFW cv late

    Dr Dave Looks fanatstic Thanks for posting Peter
  12. Peterpools

    1/24 Airfix Scale Mosquito build

    Peter Did you use flash, as the greens closer to the phone appear lighter in shade and tone. Peter
  13. Peterpools

    HK Models B17 Memphis Belle with AC Models aircrew

    Awesome figures and those tracks .. yikes ... my nerves are shot just looking at them Keep 'em comin Peter
  14. Peterpools

    1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope 3rd"

    Peter Geez .. Welcome aboard ... every day more and more of the old gang is here! Looks like we'll be able to carry on on many years tradition of wishing each other the very best on our birthday. Absolutely amazed at your brilliance and abilities - but nothing new there. The front office is beyond reality. Keep 'em comin Peter
  15. Ade Looking forward to being along for the journey and learning as you go. Keep 'em comin Peter