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  1. So here's an interesting topic, what's the largest kit part that you have lost during a build. For me that's the tamiya's il-2 sturmovick rear gun. At some point I moved some stuff and now I can't find it so the model stands with no rear gun until I purchase eduard's resin replacement.
  2. Well this is my first post since I am a new member here though I was a member of spar forums. Recently I started working on Eduard's Mig-21 and though I haven't progressed much (nothing painted yet) due to other projects (eduard's again me 109e-3 currently under paint) I have began work on the cockpit mainly. So here is a teaser of what's to come Some scratchbuilding on the cockpit (Eduard's weekend edition mig-21 does not include the sidewalls, only decals, so plasticard to the rescue with some copper wire. The loops on the right sidewall were made by wrapping thin copper wire around the end of a toothpick then cut and glued with micro crystal clear. After adding the loops making the switches became exceedingly difficult so I left it at that. And here we are so far. In this build I want to add details missing so scratchbuilding will probably be a theme not too extreme though.