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  1. If it's an advanced kit that a beginner would find difficult then it is inappropriate. We need starter kits, easy kits suitable for folks that potentially have disabilities and may have never built a scale model before. If you find you have nothing in your stash that is suitable and still want to support us then crowdfunding is the way to go. www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/modelsforheroes
  2. Hi Crazypoet, Thanks for your question. We're looking for simple beginner plastic kits as the residents quite possibly would never had made any plastic model kits before. So on this occasion those kits are not appropriate. Malc.
  3. Thanks!!!
  4. Hi guys and gals. James has let me post on this forum as he says you guys are the best! I run www.modelsforheroes.co.uk We're a charitable organisation supplying model kits and materials to the Art Therapy departments of Personnel Recovery Centres (PRCs) in the UK. We're looking for donations of small beginner model kits and model making materials like clippers, glues, brushes and paints. Also we have a crowdfunding page to raise funds for all the things we don't get as donations. www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/modelsforheroes You can contact me through this site's PMs. Id love to hear from you. Please take a look at your stash and see if there's anything suitable. We cannot except started kits or current serving military vehicles. WW2 and Cold war subjects are OK. Civilian vehicles are perfect. The PRCs provide valuable support to our injured servicemen and women giving them respite, somewhere to recover from their wounds and activities and sports that they may have never tried. Scale modelling as Art Therapy is used to help residents with P.T.S.D and spinal injuries. Residents can experience total immersion during a modelling session blocking the fears and stresses of the outside world. Long periods of time can be spent Modelling receiving valuable respite from imposing thoughts. Spinal injuries equating to a loss of motor control can be challenged and exercised with scale modelling activities. Strength and hand eye coordination also is tested. For our Heroes, scale modelling is well known for its benefits. Models for Heroes wants to make sure they have the best models available all of the time. Thanks guys!! Our address: (if you attend model shows in the UK and would like to save some postage, send me a message and we`ll see if i am attending the same one as you)