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  1. thanks and yes i didt some resaerch about the kit and its problems before i started this also have taken a look tru builds off the eduard boxing that is the hasegawa mold i have haerd a lot off good and bad things about the aires stuff but so far no problems there
  2. thank you all for the warm welcome
  3. Hello to you all im new over here,after a long lookand lurcking over here it whas time to sign me up Mostly i build cars so here i go with planes i hope to learn a lot over here but that will not be the problem i think Im not a contest builder just for fun and relax Maybe i also post later a car build off mine iff its allowd on the forum Im 43 years and live in europe
  4. Hello to you all im new on the forum and whant to share my buildoff the P-47D Im a slow builder so give me time and also a lot to learn What i have done so far Im using the aires engine set for this one for the cockpit no idee it will be black box off aires
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