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  1. Hi this is what i was afraid of. They came out with camo and then it wasnt any longere necessary. I found this site: https://www.markstyling.com/1ad_b17s1.htm There are plenty (all, most) B-17 side views. And you got at least an idea about their paint sheme - of absence of it. If you look at their numbers/year you can clearly see the early ones are with camo, the later one just NMF. *sigh* @BlrwestSiR thanks for the books.
  2. Hi, but these OD B-17s have these grey belly right? None, i mean litterally none, of the OD B-17s have a bare metal belly? Because if thats true, i have to pick either a „regular“ NMF one or the „Litte Miss Mischief“. Does wnyone of you guys have a good source for reference information about B-17s?
  3. Hi and thanks, im talking about the HKM 1/32 B-17G. I am fulls open regarding the markings and numbers, as long the aircraft excist(ed) and is not fictional. I found a lot of (historic) images - but honesty, i prefere asking people over asking „the internet“. I found here a couple of great/amazing B-17 builds, both olive and bare metal. So chances are high that one here is an expert to B-17s. I would value such expert opinios way more over „what could be found“ in the internet. Do you have any sources in mind?
  4. Hello everyone, im new, fresh and green... im about to build a HM B-17 and im kind of in a delemma: A B-17 should be my first bare metal paint (metallizer) project - shes just made for it. However, for me a B-17 is olive green. Dull, boring, beaten up. Not so „shiny airliner like“ bare metal. So now my request: Are there any B-17s that have the well known olive drab top but are bare metal under their „skirts“? As far as i know the olive ones had all this even more boring sky grey paint on their underside. I have hopes that THIS (olibe top and bare metal belly) would fix my problem. I already know the „Little Miss Mischief“ - a kind of a zombi-aircraft, with a bare metal body stuck to a olive tail section. What are your B-17 sources? I want an all acurate airplane. What i mean: I may leave out details because im not able to put them in, but i dont change an airplane into something fictional. Oh and btw: It has to be an european theater airplane. I want something that acutally flew here the one or the other day and night... Thank you! Iron Spike
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