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  1. A bit more done. Lots of filling,filing and sanding to get parts right. I was thing of putting the valves in the correct positions as per firing order but thought better of it!! I finished the oil filler in Allclad chrome,I like using this stuff and always looks 'right' not to 'wet'?
  2. Gears fitted,the mounting post were way out so a bit of fiddling with a round file soon sorted that!! Cylinders went on just fine butI decided to glue rather than screw? Gearbox is ready to be mated to the engine but before I do that Im making a stand so I can work on the engine and gearbox without handling it.
  3. The front timing cover should look like this but picture two is how I got it. Centre section missing. I used a bit of sprue to make another,not exact but better than nothing? Crank and pistons fitted.The cylinder bores had lots of depressions that needed filling,rather fiddly? Im glad that I bought the DVD as there are a lot of pictures warning of potential downfalls. IE to get the flywheel retaining screw down,the crank etc would have to be removed. Koo shows how to fit it first!
  4. Many thanks bud. I keep it posted.
  5. Hi all, Just making a start on the Roller. Spent time filling the dips in the plastic. I removed the guide pins from the top of the engine block as they were a hindrance rather than a help?? Ive removed the moulded oil pipe from the block and will make another from copper wire.Lots of saning to get things to fit but its getting there. I have to say,Im glad I bought Pau Koo's dvd on building this kit. Many pitfalls without it? Painting has come to a halt as my airbrush packed up!!
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