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Latest News! RFM Late Tiger w/interior


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This is hot off the press. Good news!  RFM has just released a new late Tiger.

And that is pretty much the highlight.  A new box.  Let me be clear - this kit appears to be just a rebox of the 2018 Late Tiger RM5015 merged with the engine update (that should have been included in the first place) and the 2016 Mid production interior kit.

There are some real annoying omissions as well as additions in the interior.  We are not talking about incorrect kit storage bins under the turret floor - The errors are visible through the hatches.

RFM refuses to fix these years old problems and are instead happy to repackage an old kit into a new box with super snazzy CADS to catch the eye.


Missing the azimuth drive rods from the commanders turret traverse to the gunners controls.

Missing the azimuth turret direction rod from turret ring to cupola (it is included in their panther G). Edit; I don’t think that the mid and late cupola has the azimuth rod.  Still, it is still missing from the newer kits of their early Tigers

addition - for nearly 10 years they have an modern safety device on the drivers bulkhead interior - it’s probably a heat or fire warning instrument.

addition - the water Jerry cans on the turret basket floor were only initial early fittings.  They still include them despite the community pointing out this error on their mid!

I just read about the kit on a modelling website and was overjoyed (inflate hhhuuuuppp) but then realised we are being taken for a ride (deflate ppppssssssss)





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