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Old Paint

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Discovering a collection of 20-year-old Model Cellar paint bottles can be exciting for hobbyists and miniature enthusiasts. Whether it's worth the effort to reclaim and use these paints depends on their condition and your willingness to invest some time and effort. People often asked to me, does spray paint expire? Yes it is!

Here's how you can evaluate and potentially rejuvenate old paint:

1. Check the Condition:

Start by inspecting the paint bottles. Look for any signs of severe separation, mold, or dried paint around the bottle caps.
If the paint appears to be in good condition inside the bottles, it might be worth the effort to reclaim them.
2. Shake and Mix:

Gently shake each paint bottle to see if the contents are still somewhat liquid. Sometimes, old paint separates over time.
If the paint seems separated, you can try to mix it back together. Use a stirring stick or a small metal ball bearing inside the bottle to help mix the paint thoroughly.
Be cautious not to introduce any contaminants into the paint during this process.
3. Test on a Palette:

Before applying the reclaimed paint to your miniatures, test it on a palette or scrap surface. This will allow you to see if the paint consistency is suitable for your needs and if the color matches your expectations.
If the paint appears clumpy or doesn't mix well, it might be too far gone to salvage.
4. Dilution and Thinning:

If the paint is thick, you can attempt to thin it with a compatible acrylic paint thinner or flow improver. Add a small amount and mix thoroughly until you achieve the desired consistency.
5. Hand Painting:

Since you mentioned that you'll be painting by hand due to lung and location constraints, using reclaimed paint can be a viable option. Hand painting allows for more control and precision compared to airbrushing.
6. Be Prepared for Variability:

Keep in mind that the colors may have changed or slightly deteriorated over time, so there could be variations from the original shades. This can add uniqueness to your miniatures if handled creatively.
7. Consider Replacement:

If some of the paints are beyond revival, consider replacing them with fresh, high-quality acrylic paints from reputable brands. Mixing old and new paints is entirely acceptable in most cases.

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