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Bf.109G-6 - "Blumen" Messerschmitt.

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Hello, colleagues.
Bf. 109 G6 fighter model, pilot - Hermann Graf. Scale 1/48, manufacturer "Hasegawa".
The fuselage was resawed and adjusted according to the drawing, wings, stabiliser, propeller cock, blades, wheels - from the box. On the planes simulated rivets.
The wheel "crutch" - "elf". Machine guns (chemical blackening - "bluing") - "Aber". Pitot tube - "FineModels" (modified). Exhaust pipes - "Moskit". In the cockpit, which unfortunately is not visible - "Eduard" dashboard with modifications and some other details. The blower air intake is from "Zvezda" (Bf. 109 F-4, the copying is better than in the model kit), the air intake ring is made of brass. In the air intakes, the grids/grids of radiators are "Eduard".
Everything else is handmade.
Cockpit lantern, lantern binding double-sided, copper foil 0.1 mm soldering, glazing - "Tamievskaya" "Pla Plate" 0.2 mm, and plexiglass. Handles on the apertures were made of transparent sprue, glued "Revell" "Contacta Liquid special" which was diluted with acetone. The sight is handmade, the chiseled lens is visible, the color of the sight is chemical blackening.
Chassis struts - aluminium, turned on the machine "Unimat".
In the chassis recesses - moulded foil. Dust covers - 0.06 mm copper foil, stitched with copper wire. Yes, and one detail from "Eduard" is present.
Under-wing radiators - also a little foil.
Under the wings "WfG. 21" - copper wire, foil. Rocket - turning, ebonite. Welded seams, as well as on the blower air intake - Tamiya "Light-curing putty".
The "tulip" on the bow is a colouring, not a decal.
There are many more homemade parts, but I told you about the main ones.










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