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Tecnikit F-100 PW-229 for F-15 and F-16

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Initially developed as a project idea by a customer, we finished expanding the entire family of nozzle combinations for F-15 and F-16 of the PW-229 with or without compound petals.

As example, the next REAL photographs are for the F-15. The items can be bought with or without afterburner and turbine. At this version with the open nozzle.

F16_PW-229_NOZZLE_AFTERBURNER_2.webp              F15_PW-229_NOZZLE_AFTERBURNER_2.webp           F15_PW-229_NOZZLE_1.webp

This other is the closed nozzle for F-15 without petals. As you can see, the warnings "NO STEP" and "NO PUSH" are made in bas relief to fill the backgroung color of the notice with his color, and paint highlight letters using a sponge, roller or semi-dry brush. This detail is optional at the purchase process in all the series of PW-229.


F-16 versions include the fuselage tail fairing covering the afterburner. Has been taken special care to highlight the cut of the fairing with the afterburner, which has a real opening ( is not just a step ), and special attention has been given to adjusting the scale of the seal between the afterburner and the petals so that they can stand out without being covered with the first layers of paint.

In addition to the options open nozzle / closed and with compound petals / without them, another available variant has been added, consisting of the nozzle with all the petals mounted except 3. Which allows to show the inner mechanisms of the inner part of the nozzle as in an engineering cut. As we do too in the versions of the Saturn AL31 for Su-27.

We apply a cross discount between versions for aircrafts with 2 nozzles. So in a single purchase for a model, you can buy the same nozzles, a closed nozzle and an open nozzle, or one with petals and the other without them.


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