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Tecnikit Radar Phazotron N027 for Su-27

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Until now we did not have photographs of this kit. We are a very small company and we do not have the means and staff to do the marketing in due time.

The Phazotron N027 ( name of the version N001 adapted for Sukhoi 27 ), has a wave reflector in the form of removable tube, which can be placed or not depending on the modeler.

SU27_RADAR_PHAZOTRON_N001_N027_2.webp    SU27_RADAR_PHAZOTRON_N001_N027.webp   SU27_RADAR_CONE.webp

We use a brass threaded rod with scale nuts to hold the whole as done on the real Sukhoi 27. And as can be seen, it has the lever or handle gear that is embedded in the fuselage to lift the radome.

SU27_RADAR_1.webp   SU27_RADAR_2.webp

This version includes the lamp made of transparent material instead of colored resin. As can be seen in the photographs, it is not put into the basket where it should be placed.

At the moment, as modelers who use scratch to try to achieve a hyperrealistic result in our personal models, in our very intricate kits like this we do not include wiring or pipes that cannot be performed faithfully and accurately. We never use false reliefs to imitate these cables or tubes. We prefer to leave our clean kits in these areas, but with the cable connectors in their place to insert or glue the wire scratched cables to them.

This avoids the long hours of the odious work of cutting and sanding these false reliefs, which also inevitably causes damage to the interior parts. Our system for these cases is designed as we would like to purchase the parts. In our website we inform in each item, if it needs additional scratch or not.


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