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Rutman 190D-13 conversion


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Hey all,


Just picked up a Hasegawa 32nd scale 190D-9 junker from a buddy and lo and behold, what did I find?.... a Jerry Rutman D-11 and D-13 conversion sets hiding in the bottom of the box....

The fusleage sides, these were warped real bad.  I used my Revell D-9 fuselage parts to realign them the best I could.  Hot water treatment...




The fiddley bits



The smooth cowling next to the kit part



Prop hubs, blades, and wheel well insert...the blades were twisted and the hubs were all squished, one almost flat, wierd



He got it off of eBay and and stole the wings out of it, and gave me whats left.  I don't think he knew what he had.


The castings were crude, at first I thought they might be bootlegs, but some of the guys over on LSP told me that some of Jerry's early castings could be kind of rough. 


I don't care, I have two conversion sets to work with :thumbsup2:


Anyone have a set of 190D wings laying around? :lol:


Cheers,   ian

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