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Master Prime.


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Hi folks,


Not sure if I should be putting this here or not as I'm new to this forum usage my apologies if I'm in the wrong.

As a modeller I've always loved the spraying part of modelling, I think that if you have a good quality airbrush, good paint and the right air pressures you can achieve great finishes on your model's under this you need a good and stable primer and there are some good one's out there but most are solvent based which here in the UK. or wonderful post office won't let us send in the post anymore (a real pain) so I've been working on a primer that has green credentials and come up with Master prime we are doing it in two variations, Master Prime and Master Prime Air. The Master Prime Air comes ready to airbrush straight from the bottle and the Master Prime you thin yourself hold it folks you thin it with distilled water yep it's a water based primer so it dries real quick but if you use it neat from the pot it fill act as a filler the same way Mr Surfacer does and depending on how much you thin it can be a primer filler when it's dry you can happily flat it back to hide joint gaps or unwanted panel lines, and it dries to a lovely fat finish which you can put your top coat paint on to whether it's acrylic, enamels, 2 pack or even cellulose it won't affect it.

If any members of the forum are interested if you get in touch and want to try it we will give you a 10% discount as a member, please let me know if you have any questions. Our site is www.finescalemodelworld.co.uk 


Signing of for now Steve.

( By the way think the forum is great.)



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