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502 Abteilung Liquid Mask


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While I've been waiting for Arno to finish his He162 so we can start our Skype build of Revell's 1/32 Hawker Hunter FGA9 I've been building a Revell 1/48 HH53 Super Jolly Green Helicopter. I've reached where I'm  ready to mask the fuselage and paint the camouflage scheme. My hobby shop guy swears by this 502 Abteilung Liquid Mask.

Does anyone have any history with this product and or advice using it??





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I didn't know it existed, looking forward to a report

Well so far on my Facebook Group "The Basement Air Force" (shameless advertising) Jim Hatch (formally known as James Hatch gave it a 10 thumbs down as it almost ruined a kit he was working on!!! Ben uses it for canopy rounded corners only.

I want to try James method of rolling sticky tac and see how that works!

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