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1/48 Sea Fury


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Hello All ,

this is my first posting of a work in progress on this wonderful forum.

Will she make it from the shelf of doom where she has been sitting over the last couple of years? I am talking about my 1/48 Hobby Craft Sea Fury FB.11.The kit itself is pretty nice altough a bit simplified. I just had to add some parts of the wonderful but now long gone PP aeroparts detail set wich gives You stupendous amount of detail. I went for the hard way and decided to build it with one wing folded ,some rescribing and a full riveting job wich may not be so clear in these pictures.On the world wide web I found an interesting drawing of a bare metal bird in Burmese markings and best of all, a rudder with checkers on it .I am aiming for a pretty weathered and beat up aircraft that has been standing outside for a very long time,alone and abandoned. Anyhow on to the pictures of how she looks at this moment. Please feel free to comment or critsise.


Best regards,






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