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FOR SALE - 1/32 Aircraft +


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OK, I am doing this as I have really fallen out of love with modelling, it started about a year ago and has not got any better. 


So I have a couple of kits for sale, I am not going to let them go a stupidly low prices, but I think I would be open to very reasonable offers.

I am based in the UK, and all sales will be Plus Postage, Obviously I would like to be able to sell in the UK, but hey its who ever wants them and has the money to spend. 


OK first up - Trumpeter P47 Razorback, 1/32, this kit is mint and come with buckets of extra aftermarket stuff, including decals, masks, resin and PE, a little too much to list here, so much easier to show some pics, all of this including the kit would have cost well over £130 to purchase.     Looking for an offer close to £80 for this one.


Next up - this has got to be the most reluctant sell that I have in the small stash that I own - WNW 1/32 Fokker D.VII (FOK) OOP. Mint in the box kit, plus some extra Aviattic decals, we all know its a brilliant kit and the box is packed.     So you will understand why I am looking for a very close offer to £180.



I do have a few other kits such as the following, but they are not aircraft, but still may appeal to one or two of you.


Italeri FIAT Mefistofele 1/12 kit plastic reproduction of the old Protar kit, its not a bad kit, A few parts have come off the sprues, but if your gonna build it. then it doesn’t matter.   -   Looking for an offer close to £80


Post and Packing is extra and dependent of where you are, just PM me for what you may want, Just PM me and we can go from there...













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