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1/35 academy merkava MK III Block III

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Hi guys I introduce mysef me name is ciro  I´am chilean-Italian my profesion is architect and designer, me nick name is spooner. I´m new in this forum. I would like to present you my first project in this forum it is the merkava MK III Block III of the house academy, kit presented is realized with pieces scracht, set of conversions A.E.F Design and complete turret made by cromwell models included canon, the first figure are blast models idf tank crew and the second figures is modeling scracht with ultracast head tank crew transformed into IDF, with wheels in resin mark A.E.F Design. Is all in this moment, soon I posted new pictures. I have attentive of you comments and opinions. Greetings ciro

merkava 01.jpg

merkava 02.jpg

merkava 03.jpg

merkava 04.jpg

merkava 05.jpg

merkava 06.jpg

merkava 07.jpg

merkava 08.jpg

merkava 09.jpg

merkava 10.jpg

merkava 11.jpg

merkava 12.jpg

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