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Photo inclusions in posts

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Hi, I've registered as a new member but seem to be waiting an inordinately long time for verification.

However, I've been surfing your very impressive forum. Unfortunately I already have a problem. My choice is not to have a Photobucket account, or a Flickr account (since they stopped supporting my browser). I don't wish to go to Firefox either, I'm happy using Internet Explorer. I find everything else unduly laborious/complicated to be convenient.

So, I've been especially knocked out with the WW1 1:32 aircraft. A few of your contributors manage to post regular JPEG photo's which I'm delighted with.

BUT it seems a lot of stuff is associated with Photobucket etc. So I don't have the option to enlarge the image to complete my enjoyment. Consequently whenever I encounter a perfectly presented photo defaced by 'PHOTOBUCKET', or worse, a stream of pictures of a kitten being tortured, or the tiny black boxes with a cross in the middle.

Is it just me? I despair!

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