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Tamiya Corsair up for pre-order.


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I just pre-ordered the 1/32 Tamiya Corsair from HLJ for $93.00. I thought all of you would like to know. Looking at the latest pics, WOW! This looks better than they're previous releases. Up another notch, I do believe. I have to say, I waited a long time for this. I resisted all other 1/32 offerings when I bit the bullet for other lesser kits. Why did I wait? This is why. I am going out today and buy lottery tickets.



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Guest styrenedemon

The wing fold will be interesting to see. Knowing Tamiya they will make it convertible which unfortunately may mean some lost detail to necessitate doing so. Hopefully the AM world will come up with some options. I don't think the folds would look all that convincing in this scale without some wiring etc.

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Guest styrenedemon

We'll see. They managed to make a true-scale Merlin and removable cowl panels held in place by friggin' magnets without sacrificing detail...


Yeah, but there is a nice little flaw in the fit of the Mustang cowl panels that I've seen on every build. Not much of an issue if you plan to leave them off, but it can create some headaches if you expect to slap a big nose art decal of some kind right across there. 




I solved this with styrene, so no biggie. Nevertheless, the Mustang is hands down the best kit I've ever tackled and it's going to be hard to top, but I'm giddy to see how Tamiya ups their game.

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