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  1. I moved to Hungary to live this April so no I will not be at Telford any more guys sorry
  2. Yes it is the Hasegawa kit - it was all I had - this was a display model only for my conversion parts thrown together for my Table at IPMS Scale Model World 3 or 4 years ago but recently I wanted to make it into a finished model otherwise I would have looked for a Revell F-8 I think
  3. Hi everybody, you may have seen this over at LSP but I am honoured to be able to show it here as well, it is my own AIMS Mistel 2 conversion - enjoy
  4. Don't know for sure but at least £120.00
  5. Close up
  6. Hi all I am taking pre-order deposits of £20.00 Stirling sent to my Paypal using aimsmodels1@gmail.com Please order by 10th December so I can meet my February launch date. These pre-orders are necessary as I need to order the right amount of injection parts from factory and it will be a big bill! Hope you enjoy the pics, thanks
  7. page 2
  8. Hi all, that was fun, need good photos of exterior stenciling now - namely the script on side of engines and on tail underneath the horizontal stabilizer - all other decals done yippee
  9. Right wall and pilots raised station will be separate items I hope
  10. Managed to get fuselage profiles done today - perhaps get engines and wings done tomorrow but at least here you can see the decal options mentioned in an earlier post
  11. Hi interested parties, well not able to carry on with masters while left hand recovers from op but able in mean time to get decals done inside and out. 5 options will be included to model Production L-1 only. RT+KC, RT+KD, Wk Nr. 340284, 560044, 560049. Profiles to follow in a week or so. Here is an enlargement of decals for interior.
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