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  1. AIMS Mistel 2

    I moved to Hungary to live this April so no I will not be at Telford any more guys sorry
  2. AIMS Mistel 2

    Yes it is the Hasegawa kit - it was all I had - this was a display model only for my conversion parts thrown together for my Table at IPMS Scale Model World 3 or 4 years ago but recently I wanted to make it into a finished model otherwise I would have looked for a Revell F-8 I think
  3. Hi everybody, you may have seen this over at LSP but I am honoured to be able to show it here as well, it is my own AIMS Mistel 2 conversion - enjoy
  4. Dear Moderator, I have left messages with two other moderators and no one is getting back to me. I am unable to get into 'my content' as a message comes up telling me I am not authorised to see this page.' I wanted to add to my content but cannot. Please look into it. Thanks John (AIMS)