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  1. Don't you just love scratch building ?.....harv
  2. Thanks for the intro. Very nice. I built the Brit.one back in the 80's. Did come out to bad......harv
  3. Seen several videos of us yanks driving them on the beach and tailgate parties.....harv
  4. .....I know, I use this a lot. But it's true......harv
  5. Seems I've missed a bit Gary . Amazing work on all. One question though, are you going to hit the figures although dull coat or semil gloss ? To me they are a bit shiny....harv
  6. I started a build of this aircraft with this conversation. But I ended up trading it away....haarv
  7. Thanks for the laugh my friend !. I don't gamble, but Bev does.....harv
  8. Very interested in this . Strangly I like the looks of it....harv
  9. I have no idea what the hell is going on here but I'm enjoying it......harv
  10. I'm in Vegas visiting family. Any good hobby stors around ?. I Google but nothing plastic related.....harv
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