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  1. harv

    Fw190 A5

    Thanks guys. I like it.......harv
  2. harv


    Moderators, please help. We have a spammer. Several threads. Do not open them. Barry's birthday post....harv
  3. Nice clean build. I like it.......harv
  4. I dont know what happened, I posted birthday wishes for you and it dissapeared! Anyway...HAPPY HAPPY,JOY JOY my good friend ! Hope you had a happy day....harv
  5. harv

    Fw190 A5

    Well, does this look better Martin ?.....harv
  6. Well it seems you have a nack for this building thing ! Very nice work.....harv
  7. I do have one in the stash. Yours looks great....harv
  8. harv

    Fw190 A5

    Thank you Martin....harv
  9. harv

    Fw190 A5

    Yes, not straight. Nothing glued. Had a hard time laying it straight without glue. But it does sit straight....harv
  10. Oh cool. Thanks for posting !......harv
  11. harv

    Fw190 A5

    Martin, does it look that bad ? Let me know....harv
  12. harv

    Fw190 A5

    Ok, how does this look ?.....harv
  13. harv

    Fw190 A5

    Which one ?....harv
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