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  1. Let me know how that works out for you !.....harv
  2. I'm afraid the cut on opposite side was off track abit I'll need to shim it a little. But this is how it will look.....harv
  3. One side is cut. A little clean up and it will fit really nice. I'm not building this kit yet. Just playing around !....harv
  4. Today's lesson, para pack. The grey piece is from the Academy kit that Scott so graciously sent me. Looks to be an easy fix. Single cut and mate up. The cut is on a panel line....harv
  5. This will be a joy to watch!......harv
  6. I just finished off my Jefferson Bourbon. Have to look for something new. Did I drink it too fast?...harv
  7. Its a line jet. Nothing specific yet. Do I need a am wheelwell for this ? The pit is just kit with 3D printed decals for it. ...harv
  8. I got the top fuselage parts out to see how the fit of the Academy fuel tanks will fit. These were a gift from Scott plus the extended para pack parts. But I'm happy with the fit sofar. It needs tweeking but very possible......harv
  9. What is the right Tamiya color for the green outside color scheme....harv
  10. Decided to past some time with the Frank. Started by getting rid of the battery box supports and kit cockpit floor......harv
  11. These just arrived. From Sprue Br. the small mouth intake fro. Gt resin and some yummy parts from Scott. Again Scott, thank you so much buddy !....harv
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