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  1. harv

    Package from Poland!!

    Oh, I like!....harv
  2. harv

    Lost Parts

    You guys are great. Beat me to it.....harv
  3. harv

    Kitchen 1.1

    We are good to go for that. All the plumbing is under the house in the crawl space. No concrete........harv
  4. harv

    Lost Parts

  5. harv

    Kitchen 1.1

    No Steve. Looks like a long-ago leak. Floors dry and still looks "wet". So we are good to go on the floor......harv
  6. harv

    Package from Poland!!

    Your as always hungry....or thirsty.......harv
  7. harv

    Lost Parts

    What parts are they ?....harv
  8. harv

    Kitchen 1.1

    But now we have electrical probes and since we are going that far and need drywall so why not do the ceiling ! So, this where we are now.....harv
  9. harv

    Kitchen 1.1

    Don't want to clutter up my 229 build thread so I'll start here. The new subflooring is in.
  10. HAPPY HAPPY, JOY JOY! Have a great day !.....harv
  11. harv

    Package from Poland!!

    Always has been !
  12. harv

    Package from Poland!!

    Open,open,open !!.......harv
  13. harv

    1/35 Harley Davidson WLA

    That's awesome......harv
  14. Oh yea ! Welcome buddy !! Glad your here.......harv
  15. harv

    Jug-gernaut P47D in NMF