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  1. Thank you Martin !....harv
  2. WOW, quite a fantastic opening ! Very nice work and photography. Welcome to our home......harv
  3. I did get the bottom attached to the one side. The floor is not glued in yet, still fitting it. I'll have a bit of sanding and cleanup on the outside bottom....harv
  4. Thats right. I'm helping out with build to hopefully change that....harv
  5. Thats awesome Richard. Welcome to the forum....harv
  6. Well I am closer than I was yesterday!......harv 🤣
  7. Thanks Gaz. I started to glue the bottom on one side tonight. It's the easiest starting point I could go. Have no instructions with this resin. It's a work in progress thing.....harv
  8. Thanks Kai. Yes, you and me both......harv
  9. Yes, it's bitten me in the ass a few times !.....harv
  10. Thanks Oliver.. yes,, trying to set all in place as a trial fit.....harv
  11. Yes, it's bitten me in the ass a few times !.....harv
  12. She is a real stunner Gus !......harv
  13. First piece fitted. Looks good to go. It's the cockpit bulkhead. A lot depends on this fitting right......harv
  14. You would not know the problems you had just by looking at it. She is beautiful....harv
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