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  1. I am definitely in on this Mike ! Also a Betty ?....harv
  2. For years this was my go to paint........harv
  3. Hey buddy, she is looking awesome ! It will be a big hit at nooga !........harv
  4. Oh boy. Cake time ! HAPPY HAPP,JOY JOY CUPCAKE and Mark too !! .....harv
  5. I havent looked at them yet . I'll post pics later......harv
  6. Thanks Kev ! I do have the brassen set that comes with metal belts that are colored. But will definitely check the site out !.....harv
  7. IIRC I was working on the pit when put away. This where I left off. I want happy with the harness color.....harv
  8. Started sorting the box. Quick pic of some of it.....harv
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