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  1. Thanks buddy. I'll have to try it. I know my new dr. has recommended it. The VA did also about 3 yrs ago, and I went through therapy and home stretches. Did this vigorously for 6 months with no results. And back then the pain was occasional .....harv
  2. that would be fun !....harv
  3. Gazz, I don't have any back pain. Thats the weird thing about it. In my hip on down to my calf, plus numb toes. And I'm with you on surgery.....harv
  4. Bev helps me watch my diet, take my insulin, check blood sugar often. So I am doing what I am supposed to do. It does catch up with you in later years no matter what. When is Deloris supposed to show up ?.....harv
  5. Yes, it does take that long. Was surprised the VA one didn't take that long. But privet practice ones take forever. Yeah, I'm sure Ern, Martin and Jeff will have plenty to say, LOL. Thanks my friend !.....harv
  6. Saw the VA Neurologist. His opinion is sleep depravation (BS) and the tingling may be related to my Diabetes along with the double vision because they are nerve related. I have started with slight tingling in fingers and toes, nothing bad...yet. I am also suffering with terrible pain in my right hip and lower leg (right side). This due to worsening nerve pinches in my spine from degenerative bone loss and collapsing vertebrae in the "L" section. So..... I have another appointment with my health care Neurologist the end of May and we will see what they think. I have been better, but now my hip is killing me....harv
  7. Good to hear from you buddy. We all have been there. We all have missed you also. So, let the fun begin....harv
  8. Tony buddy, your great !..... harv.
  9. Oh boy ! Got my seat, drink and popcorn !!.....harv
  10. Welcome to our home. Watching what you can do with this.....harv
  11. Your weathering is brilliant! Love your work.....harv
  12. I like your style. One tip. For white, I use tamiya fine white primer. Works great and then you can do so much with it afterwards.....harv
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