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  1. I got a wine voucher also from Hobby Link.....harv
  2. Nice bunch of goodies. Really interested in seeing this "unbuildable" kit done. I need a Razorback to go with my Jug in the stash........harv
  3. I thought you were going to bed ?.......harv
  4. Looking really good Ryan. Your work has paid off big time.....harv
  5. Look them up. I think they do have a set. I used a couple of them on my HO229 and I liked them. they even seemed to work good with brush painting, of witch I do very little of.....harv
  6. This came today. I looked at 4 or 5 web stores for it. Finnaly found it at Hobby Link. I also got my 20 ft 3 fl as g flag pole from my daughter and son in law for my early birthday present! Great day......harv
  7. Hmmm. B25, HO 229 Spit MkV. I think that's it....harv
  8. WOW!! Good to see you hear ! BTW, you don't need any photo thosting site to post pics here. You can do it directly.........harv
  9. Thanks guys. I was leaning that way myself......harv
  10. My good friend Barry sent this. You are a "Saint"... Now, big question, should I just leave the BDR plates, or take a chance of buggaring up again ??........harv
  11. Yes I have seen it. In fact there is a WIP here on LSM........harv
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