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  1. Damn, this just gets better and better.....harv
  2. Looks fantastic my friend ! .....harv
  3. Ernie, I would like the ZM KI 45 as a second grand prize drawing. Contact me....harv
  4. This is my son in law and daughters taco trailer. Great food. In Orange Ca. Yes, that's me on the trailer !....harv
  5. My first build back into the hobby ! First PE,resin and metal landing gear. I liked the way it came out considering. Also first free hand ab camo.. I have considered doing another. I'll be watching this one !....harv
  6. Geezer if postage was t so ba, I'd send you one buddy !....harv
  7. Ok, I think I got the mounting points figured out !. No building for two weeks. Going to Cal for Thanksgiving and my granddaughters first birthday. But I will be in touch....harv
  8. It's still on the bench. Trying to figure out mounting of the pit. The rear bottom is really narrow.....harv
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