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  1. harv

    Ok, I'm showing off...

    Awesome buddy !...... Harv
  2. harv

    Need hugs

    Hello all. This morning I got a phone call from my brothers ex wife that he passed this morning. He and I have always been close but time and distance made contact sporadic but we still kept in touch. Still kind of numb and hard to believe. He lived in Kingman Az. One year younger than me. Sorry to dump.....Harv
  3. harv

    Newbie saying hi

    I remember those Peter !.......Harv
  4. harv

    Newbie saying hi

    You calling me old ?....Harv
  5. harv

    Newbie saying hi

    Howdy Phil !!! One more crossing over.....Harv
  6. harv

    Another Returning Member

    Glad we both are here my friend!!.....Harv
  7. harv

    Future Nats builds..

    Ern, quit stalling and get some work done. Can't wait to pics of both. And speaking of pics, the 25 interior looks great. I hope to get back to mine when I get home Peter. Ill take any pics you care to send buddy......Harv
  8. harv

    2018 Phoenix IPMS Nationals Pics

    Great pics Mike ! Thank you. I might add, 1/32 was well represented. LOTS of them. It was great seeing all my old and new friends there !!......Harv
  9. harv

    Cees birthday!

    HAPPY HAPPY,JOY JOY buddy!!.....Harv
  10. harv

    Coming back

    Glad to be here. ...Harv
  11. Anymore updates on the B17 ?.....Harv
  12. Thanks James. Be gone for a couple weeks. When I return, ill upload what I have done and start a build thread....Harv
  13. harv

    Trumpeter TBM-3

    She's looking killer buddy !....Harv
  14. So, is this still on ? I have a B-25H on the go, not much done.........Harv
  15. harv

    Eduard 1/48 Harrier GR.9

    Looking good buddy, but small....Harv